Saturday, 26 April 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140424 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Japan minister says no accord with US over #TPP trade deal - receding into distance...?

In #China, An #OpenData Movement is Starting to Take Off - superb intro to field by @RebeccaChao8 (v @EllnMllr)

Oxford English Dictionary: Killed And Saved By The Internet - so what's the definition of "irony"?

Put Pirates in European Parliament - interesting use of #crowdfunding for #EU elections

So far, so SOPA: Web campaigners to protest world's biggest ever free trade deal - that's just #TPP; wait for #TTIP

#Pakistan Latest To Put In A Membership Application For The '#Privacy Is So 2012' Club - oh dear... #nsa

Tony Blair: ‘I say lies’ – Cassetteboy’s video mashup of Bloomberg speech - wonderful

 China: Drakonische Strafen für Verzehr bedrohter Tiere - great news: please follow through, #china

#Kenya to deploy #drones in all national parks in bid to tackle poaching - "saw drones reduce poaching by up to 96%"

Fyraftensmøde 2. maj: Glyn Moody taler om softwarepatenter og patentdomstolen - should be fun #swpats #dk

#TTIP Update XXIII - why the @EU_Commission's consultation on #ISDS is a sham, & fails to provide promised "draft"

America’s Proposed #TPP: Buyer Beware - small gains, high risks for Pacific rim nations

The Content Mine aims to liberate all the facts in the scientific literature - hugely ambitious & important project

The High Price of Cheap Chicken - #TTIP could bring this to EU, displacing more humane farming here

Band releases album as Linux kernel module - very cool

#OurNETmundial! Our Internet Needs More Than “Internet Governance” - "a weak, toothless and disappointing text"

'Radical' Publisher Claims Copyright On Free Collection Of Marx & Engels Works; Orders Them Taken Down - </facepalm>

#China hopes to take rare animals off the menu with tough jail sentences - "smuggling 213 bear paws into China"

'Straight from the Horse's Mouth': Former Oil Exec Says #Fracking Not Safe -

Transatlantisches Datenschutz-Abkommen: Wenn die USA weiterhin blockieren, wird es scheitern -
#Hulu Blocks #VPN Users Over Piracy Concerns - terrible: we need VPNs even more these days...

Gas In New York Shale Costs More To Get It Out Than Gas Is Worth - NB Mr Cameron #fracking (v @bruneski @llantrithyd)

Over 50 organizations, 2.8 million people, and a “” bat signal can’t be wrong! - #TPP

Magistrate Judges Emboldened By #Snowden, Pushing Back On Overly Broad DOJ Requests - collateral benefits

the backchannel politics of #GPL enforcement - long but interesting

TPP Is Right Where We Want It: Going Nowhere - good summary of how #TPP is in the doldrums...

In Apple-Google case, court blows off famous judge’s plea for patent sanity - madness

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