Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140407 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Infected meat could reach UK's plates, inspectors warn - scandalous #deregulation purely to save business costs #ttip

Hollywood Piles On: MPAA Sues Megupload, Even Though They Already Got The Feds To Kill It - pathetic

reading the ECJ striking down EU data retention, seems to have huge implications for #GCHQ too -

The Heartbleed Bug in #OpenSSL - this is truly awful; we shouldn't let these sort of things happen...

AbbVie strikes compromise with EMA on data disclosure - no exceptions: all safety data must be #opendata

Huge EU Win: Data Retention Directive Declared Invalid - big implications for EU rights - & #GCHQ's #surveillance

how can Tories claim onshore wind turbines "blight the countryside" & ignore far greater blight of fracking wells? -

.@SeaWorld fights California bill that would ban killer whales from shows - contemptible business based on abuse

 EuGH-Urteil zur Richtlinie über die Vorratsspeicherung von Daten: ungültig, weil unverhältnismäßig - (v @vavoida)

#Snowden: US government spied on human rights workers - unsurprising; unacceptable (v @JameelJaffer @CasparBowden)

The annulment of the data retention directive and the messy consequences on national legislations - (v @CasparBowden)

EU court of justice overturns law that would enable 'snoopers' charter' - lovely to see Home Office squirming...

Former NSA/CIA Boss' Anger Issues: Claims Senate Staffers Are 'Sissies' And Wyden Isn't 'Acting Like A Man' -

Protest in EU capital prompts security scare at US embassy -  “EU yes, #TTIP no”

Verschwiegenes Krebsrisiko: Pharmafirmen müssen Milliardenstrafe zahlen - why all clinical trials must be #opendata

#RaspberryPi to Deliver a Modular Device for Businesses - shrewd, exciting move

 Legal or privacy problems? Journal changes its tune on climate paper - yeah, right...

FTAs contain provisions that restrict access to medicines: UNITAID - many people will die as aresult of #TPP

 Few free trade favours from Fortress Japan - yes yes yes, but what about #ISDS?

Carbon #divestment activists claim victory as Harvard adopts green code - just the start: companies take note

Heartbleed Bug In OpenSSL Makes It Worse Than No Encryption At All - indeed...

Japan, Australia Trade Agreement Could Make #TPP Completion Harder - now that's interesting...

#TPP Is Terrible for Public Health - it would be irresponsible to agree to it

Procter & Gamble have committed to stop trashing the rainforest! - great news; let's make sure they live up to it

Windows XP and the Changing Calculus of Technology Choice - Jim Zemlin on why this this time it's different #linux

Tracking Gorillas in Uganda - good to see good money being paid for apparently responsible tourism

EU Data Retention Requirements Ruled 'Invalid' By EU Court Of Justice - no more "because terrorism"... #nsa #gchq

"CJEU has seized the chance to give an ‘iconic’ judgment on the protection of human rights in the EU legal order." -

Stop calling Tony Blair a war criminal. The left should be proud of his record -  nice bit of whitewashing there...

 Marco Civil: Senado fará três audiências públicas - that's good #br

European ISPs Can Stop Logging User Data, Court Rules - good point: copyright maximalists will not be happy on this

European Commission has today proposed to set tough new standards to regulate the operations of civil #drones -

Clauses in Danish student contracts inhibit future employment - worrying trend #dk

Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law - er, no, he resigned, actually...

Vine Dad Feels Your Parenting Pain - epic

Chamber Of Commerce, Main Lobbyists Behind SOPA, Suddenly Wooing Silicon Valley - uh-oh - be afraid...

Singapore decides 'three strikes' laws are too intrusive - well, well, well #3strikes #sg

#AU steals a march on NZ and US on agriculture in #TPP - and the US is hopping mad... #japan

 Obama privacy chief wants NSA phone-snooping program to end now - don't we all?

 LAPD officers monkey-wrenched cop-monitoring gear in patrol cars -  scared of sunlight?

#Snowden Speaks: A Vanity Fair Exclusive - "a 20,000-word narrative in Vanity Fair’s May issue"; sounds interesting

Colombia’s Breadbasket Feels the Pinch of Free Trade - " prohibited farmers from saving their own seeds for future"

Galaxy Cluster Is Cosmic Magnifying Glass 4 Hubble - warning: do not look at this pic unless you feel self-confident

Agora os documentos vazados por Edward #Snowden estão armazenados em um banco de dados público - #nsa

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