Thursday, 17 April 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140415 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

First Phase Of Security Audit Finds Vulnerabilities But No Backdoors In TrueCrypt Encryption Software - more needed

Why did UK Labour MEP Arlene McCarthy fail to vote to protect vulnerable children? - disgraceful #netneutrality

'Problem wells' source of greenhouse gas at unexpected stage of natural gas production - another reason not to frack

The SuperRich in America Have Become 'Untouchables' Who Don't Go to Prison - this is neither just nor stable

Crowdfunding £12,000 to fight mandatory UK Internet filters - good cause, pl. help

"Suing the State - Hidden rules within EU-US trade deal" -  excellent short video on #ISDS - pl. pass around #TTIP

Still not loving #ISDS: 10 reasons to oppose investors’ super-rights in EU trade deals - really superb: pl. read

#London MEP Digital Hustings - "censorship of the web, online anonymity, open data and mass surveillance measures"

Microsoft And Sony Double Down On Patent Trolling; Dump More Cash Into Intellectual Ventures - says it all...

PM criticises some non-believers for failing to see that faith can give people a 'moral code' - what, like you, Dave?

 Internes Dokument der EU-Kommission: USA wollen transatlantisches Datenschutz-Abkommen verwässern -

EU-US data protection "Umbrella Agreement" - Commission Services Non-Paper on state of play of negotiations [pdf] -

Financial transparency: where your money goes with #MediaGoblin - good to see; more money needed now...

How corporations & lawyers are scavenging profits from Europe’s crisis countries - not new, but really good on #ISDS

Did You Retweet The USAir Pornographic Tweet? You May Have Violated New Jersey's Revenge Porn Law -

Beware of backroom deals in the name of 'science' - this is exactly the approach being tried in #TAFTA/#TTIP

Court Declares That, Yes, #Bloggers Are Media - good job we got that sorted... #2014

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