Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140401 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#atheism defined as #terrorism in #saudiarabia - shan't be going there for my holidays, then... (v @superglaze)

Tone Of Comments Affects Perception Of Online Article's Content - who are you calling names?

2nd survey of #TTIP bods - "timeline for reaching a final agreement has shifted to 2016 or beyond"

amazing graph showing recent rapid rise in US price of main foodstuffs in this piece - so much for cheap GM food...

spotify: 40,000 classical albums from Naxos now have composers displayed every track - about time - awful interface

Our planet is dying and publisher #Copyright greed is helping to kill it. Why aren’t you Angry? - I am...

MEPs called on to support trade and investment rules that work for people and the planet  - not just for corporations

A plan for a plan to accelerate clarity on “NonCommercial” by 100% - far simpler just to kill the thing... #cc

The #TAFTA / #TTIP Agreement: ‘Old’ and Unsustainable? [pdf] - yes, it's exactly wrong...

Document Liberation Project - growing community of developers united to free users from vendor lock-in of content.

I wonder if Cameron wants to weaken air quality laws too as part of his fight against "green tape"... #pollution

#Indonesia should withdraw  from the ICSID! - #ISDS has nothing but downsides for it

The toxic truth about air pollution: a lethal scandal of British inaction - too right: let's fix it

UK Police Prepare to Place Banner Ads on Pirate Sites - bizarre

Reboot the immune system to avoid transplant rejection - so would this work for all the autoimmune diseases too?

De Gucht will stand for EU election, but will not campaign - "will not take up his MEP seat if he is elected": huh??

Only a Few Hours Left to Save the Internet! - every vote counts tomorrow for #netneutrality pl. contact MEPs

#TTIP: EU Commissioner Points Finger At US Secrecy, Investor-State Provisions - lots of problems raised

Microsoft says Windows for Internet of Things will be free, starting with phones & tablets less than 9″ - too late

Viktig omröstning om nätneutralitet i EU-parlamentet torsdagen den 3 april  - oh yes /cc @Kkvisler

First ever UK prosecution for dangerous driving of a DRONE: Man fined £800 for illegal flying of unmanned aircraft -

European court allows website blocking - good, detailed analysis of recent decision

NASA must immediately cease contact with Russia - foolish precedent

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