Wednesday, 28 December 2011


How Even Highly-Targeted #Censorship Can Lead To #Overblocking - yet another reason to fight it #newzbin2 #bt

RT @weirdshanghai#china copies usa, fingerprinting of laowai to begin. - >>was bound to happen (v @sinosplice)

Toward a new model of scientific #publishing: discussion and a proposal - excellent, thoughtful analysis

#China sichert sich Ölfeld in #Afghanistan - symbolic much? #geopolitics

The coming #retail apocalypse: some axioms - not hugely new, but clearly put #internet

Eric Schmidt discusses #Google’s competitors, China, acquisitions - "record of your searches is retained" for a year

American corporate software can no longer be trusted for anything - Falkvinge on what #SOPA really teaches us #freesw

Jack Abramoff Explains The Return On Investment For Lobbying: 22,000% Is Surprisingly Low - why it's going to get worse

Conservatives lining up in opposition to #SOPA - striking trend

Lessons from Suppressing Research - provocative & thought provoking (v @AlecMuffett @glynwintle)

#Taiwan: Crowd-funded investigative journalism website kicks off - interesting move

Trials and Errors: Why Science Is Failing Us - not quite what the point of this article was...

Stadterweiterung: Moskaus Megawachstum - gosh: #Moscow is Europe's biggest city; I didn't know that... #russia

How The Long Tail Cripples Bonus Content/Multimedia - that's good: who wants #ebooks to be like #TV?

Who Will Be The First Politician To Be GoDaddy'd? - cripes, what fun: the birth of a neologism #linguistics #sopa

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