Saturday, 3 December 2011


#Apple, #Samsung Dispute Likely To Turn On 1994 Knight-Ridder Tablet - now this could be significant

The Value Is In The Relationship, Not The MP3 File - is this so hard to understand? #businessmodels

MafiaaFire Just Killed All Current And Future #Copyright Industry #Censorship - yup

Biggest Disruptive Tools to Come for Life Sciences...From Google? - as predicted in 2004 here:

EDRi launches complaint on lack of #transparency of European Parliament on #ACTA - well done them (v @jmcest)

Why We Don't Need To 'Think Of The Artists': They're Doing Fine - so let them get on with it

A "done deal on EU patent", but what is going on with the Unified Patent Court? - disgraceful lack of transparency

Unaccountable European agency is covering up #rendition information - more shabby secrecy #torture

#LeySinde in suspended animation - not clear whether it'd dead or just resting; but good news (v @mmasnick)

#Monsanto Corn May Be Failing to Kill Bugs, EPA Says - and is thus useless #gm

Copyright Act could defang infringement notices: iiNet - this sounds a complete mess #au

FLOSS Manuals and Sourcefabric Announce New Partnership for Open Source Publishing Software - good news

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