Friday, 23 December 2011


The Future of Academic Research - great post about #openscience - or lack of it

pic of the week: Wharfhenge - the other place to be for the winter solstice (v @paul_clarke)#london

All the Companies Supporting #SOPA, the Awful Internet Censorship Law—and How to Contact Them - give them an earful

The Shadow Superpower - all about "Systeme D" - "l'economie de la débrouillardise" (v @johnrobb)#economics

Retired, Computerless Woman Fined For Pirating ‘Hooligan’ Movie - guilty until proved innocent: shame on you, #germany

#Nokia Lumia Accounted For Only 0.17 Percent Of UK Sales In November - the shift to Windows Phone is clearly working

A Ninja in Our Sites - great feature on Ninja Video saga and background to #SOPA

Stop fetishizing the scientific paper - interesting point about retractions in science (v @CameronNeylon)

Bankers Join Billionaires to Debunk ‘Imbecile’ Attack on Top 1% - a parade of discredited ideas (v Charles-H. Schulz)

US-Fähren rüsten sich für Moppel-Passagiere - unexpected side-effect of people getting fatter

European Commission's official #ACTA page - some useful links to dox (v @Dana_Council)

A wee conventional implicature - a wee analysis of an interesting usage #linguistics #language

RT @onewmphoto @KevorkO The French Armenian Genocide law has passed in the National Assembly. #Armenie #genocide >>#turkey won't like that

US police stock up on battle gear - I'm sure they'd never use it on ordinary citizens...

The Myth That #SOPA/PIPA Only Impact 'Foreign Sites' - just in case you had any doubts #fud

Amazon’s e-book tax loophole could mean lower EU prices, but that’s bad for UK competition - ebook VAT should be 0%

Big losses for Maharashtra's Bt cotton farmers - shouldn't #monsanto be footing this bill? #india

Why Samsung just entered the dual-SIM #smartphone game - shrewd - and necessary - move #emergingmarkets

New Agreement Between US and EU Will Compromise the Privacy Rights of International Travelers - EP veto, please...

Bell Canada drops traffic shaping in favor of an "economic" approach - useful analysis; general lessons #ca

#Nokia retires the #Symbian brand - chucks away one of best-known brands; folly

it's been about 12 days since the thing started and yesterday we hit the crazy number. One million dollars. - kudos

Software Patents and Barriers to Entry - what he said #swpats

Smartphones killing point-and-shoots, now take almost 1/3 of photos - they're not phones, they're Universal Devices

How #SOPA Creates The Architecture For Much More Widespread Censorship - probably it's worst aspect

The Digital Roll-Out of Resilient Communities - interesting graph for #android

RT @aprica Yeah: Romanian Senate rejects new #dataretention law >>good move #ro

Sonos removes Windows DRM playback, customers left high & dry - will people never learn? this is what #drm does

#Google Will Pay #Mozilla Almost $300M Per Year in Search Deal - very good news for #opensource and #openweb

Study: Apps Are For #Android, Games For the iPhone - now I understand: #iPhone is the Xbox of smartphones

#GoDaddy's SOPA Support Sparks Calls for #Boycotts and Domain Transfers - couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of fools

Cheezburger CEO threatens to yank 1,000 domains from #GoDaddy over SOPA support - kudos, mighty #Cheezburger #boycott

Paul Graham: #SOPA Supporting Companies No Longer Allowed At YC Demo Day - kudos, Mr Graham #boycott

Hurt Locker BitTorrent Lawsuit Dies, But Not Without Controversy - "250K sued for alleged BitTorrent downloads"

Best. Spam. Evah. - who says geeks are unlucky in love? (v @BiellaColeman)#linux

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