Tuesday, 20 December 2011


India’s Smartphone Market: 68% Annual Growth, iOS captures 2.6% - http://bit.ly/sLTU5y but no #android figure; growth 10%

European Parliament adopts proposals to improve EU #transparency rules - http://bit.ly/stTLZC shame it's taken this long

Access to data in industry-sponsored trials - http://bit.ly/sSBeER important stuff #opendata #clinicaltrials

MT @Glinner @GeraghtyDarren Disgusting. EMI threatens Ireland with legal action if they don't #censor the internet – http://bit.ly/tNf8BY

Whitehall: Govt-related private email, texts will be uncloaked - http://bit.ly/uR8bLI important #FOI clarification #uk

Time for OSchoice.eu? - http://bit.ly/rFZHx4 interesting thought experiment; won't ever happen

Inside The Atlantic: How One Magazine Got Profitable by Going ‘Digital First’ - http://on.mash.to/ukc05w this is how to do it

#Fairuse in Europe: Bernt Hugenholtz and Martin Senftleben in search of flexibilities - http://bit.ly/rULDeU interesting report

Result! #Vodafone now allows internet underwear shopping - http://bit.ly/syYrdv why it is always worth kicking up a fuss #censorship

The #OpenAccess Interviews: OMICS Publishing Group’s Srinu Babu Gedela - http://bit.ly/tyVQc6 "a predatory Open Access publisher"?

Dec. 19, 1974: Build Your Own Computer at Home! - http://bit.ly/v9uibH 256-byte memory; so far, so fast #altair

How does mobile Internet filtering work? - http://bit.ly/ttBpnX increasingly important question #censorship

Coalmine a 'threat to global warming target' - http://bit.ly/tV9C5b such as "China First" project - at least they're honest about priorities

Meizu CEO Confirms Meizu mPad Tablet Exists! - http://bit.ly/w3d9n8 #android-based #china

Could Domestic Surveillance #Drones Spur Tougher #Privacy Laws? - http://bit.ly/t2xzJL interesting perspective

EU Council Quietly Adopts #ACTA, By Hiding It In An Agriculture And Fisheries Meeting - http://bit.ly/ue8MeE in case you missed it #fishy

The List Of Internet Censoring Countries The MPAA Thinks Provide A Good Example For The US - http://bit.ly/s7Leai guess who... #sopa

Why Defensive .XXX Registration Is Only the Beginning of a Branding Nightmare - http://on.mash.to/vMyPBK just as I and everyone predicted

Don't Break the Internet - http://bit.ly/up6bpf "unprecedented, legally sanctioned assault on Internet’s critical technical infrastructure"

Geologists Find Source of Stonehenge’s Inner Stones - http://bit.ly/stwuiy cool #archaeology

#Tibet’s resource curse - http://bit.ly/vqPhXG the dark side of green energy #china #lithium

What the Frack? Hydraulic Fracturing Companies Exempt from Public Health Laws - http://bit.ly/vsi6Xx gosh, how handy (v @dcarli)

Does Congress Even Realize That The Courts Appear To Think That #SOPA Is Already In Force? - http://bit.ly/rqccnh crazy & disturbing

AT&T admits defeat on T-Mobile takeover, will pay $4 billion breakup fee - http://bit.ly/tshcSX ouch

MT @chrisblizzard Louis CK's event costs were $170k. Since he streamed for-pay MP4 for $550k in revenue that's $11k in MP4 license fees.

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