Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Damn. This Is What It Looks Like, Isn’t It? - http://bit.ly/tv3ocR nice point about politics, power and time

Bad Move By #Google: Hiding Search Referral Info... Unless You're An Advertiser - http://bit.ly/sfX97k upping the evil

Javan #rhino driven to extinction in #Vietnam, conservationists say - http://bit.ly/vcfuHb sad sad sad

Tradeshift’s New $17m Russian Round Shows Valley’s Power Waning - http://tcrn.ch/rN1tG5 maybe need more than one data point, but yes...

Court Tells Users They Can't Use RECAP - http://bit.ly/tdQtqf can't have people sharing public documents, can we?

Brussels discusses Greek solar payback - http://bit.ly/sxnfD0 at least they're coming up with some original ideas for a change

Klagen wegen Internet-Veröffentlichungen vereinfacht - http://bit.ly/uatqtx this is going to cause problems... #law

MT @JanisSharp @jmcest U.S tells #Italy they'll refuse 2 Extradite AmandaKnox regardless of appeal but tells U.K they must have Gary

Behind the headlines: libel committee report, #anonymous comments & corporate defamation - http://bit.ly/uvMcSm excellent, detailed analysis

Married BitTorrent Admins Charged in Billion Dollar Piracy Case - http://bit.ly/sAOZrN "foreign sources furnished copy of website": fishy...

California Politician Discovers You Can't Ban Specific Type Of Music; Admits 'I Didn't Know What Was Going On' - http://bit.ly/rrauET daft

Calling the Anti-Net Neutrality Bluff - http://bit.ly/vZOuKz not enough bandwidth? give power to the user, not the telecom: here's how

How film studios keep getting it wrong: Warner pulling Harry Potter DVDs, Blu-Rays - http://tnw.co/t7QnU0 this is why piracy flourishes

#EU Politician Wants Internet #Surveillance Built Into Every Operating System - http://bit.ly/tJb25c they haven't thought this through...

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