Friday, 21 October 2011


The case for #piracy - good to see on a mainstream website #copyright

#Android shipments set to treble in #Asia in 2011, account for 54% of smartphones - the key market at the moment

Global warming study finds no grounds for climate sceptics' concerns - big; will make denialists look even more stupid

#Android's secret weapon: Loads of low-cost phones - "this particular smartphone market is Android's to lose"

Second German court decision on Google Image search - Google is not liable for #copyright infringement from thumbnails

Jimmy Wales wades into London's startup scene - and moving here, too... (v @monkchips)#london

Google’s Android Market surpasses 500,000 successful submissions - these numbers are meaningless now

Maurice #Ravel: Complete Chronological Catalogue - another fab #spotify playlist

Jamaica The Latest To Embrace Retroactive #Copyright Term Extension And Screw The Public Domain - exactly wrong thing

The Connection Between Wikileaks Censorship And PROTECT IP: Censorship Through Cutting Off Service Providers - bad

Exotic pets USA: Tigers, big bucks and organised crime - "5000 tigers were kept in captivity in the US": gobsmacking

#Roundup and birth defects researcher presents findings to German government - nasty stuff - in all senses

The World's First Bitcoin Conference - still hard to know what to make of #bitcoin...

Mitochondria –Our Ancient Allies Get a New Sister Clade - truly fascinating (v @phylogenomics)#genomics

MySQL Leads Open Source Market Share - not what I expected #database

The Pirate Bay Users Long for Anonymity - the surprise is they haven't worked out how to get it

The State of Open Data 2011 - good summary #opendata

Hint: If You Commit A Crime, Do Not #Google Every Aspect Of It Afterwards - better not to commit the crime, of course

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