Saturday, 22 October 2011


Average #Wikipedia reader is 36 years old - and other interesting stats

How an extinct zebra could upend the #networking market - nice open source project; early days, though #quagga

#Poland: 'Government use of proprietary software locks-in local administrations' - as usual #lockin

Meet Nigeria's #Tablet Computer Pioneer - good to see #nigeria really taking off; #android based

Meghalaya's Living Bridges - very cool

Open Source Spinoff of Second Life Slowly Smothering Revenue Base of Second Life Itself - #SL should embrace #OSS

"After many years of working cross platform I have decided to concentrate only on Android" - interesting (v @vickeegan)

Almost Wikipedias and innovation in free collaboration projects - fascinating thoughts #openness

MT @wikileaks Yochai #Benkler, writes paper on the US banking blockade against #WikiLeaks (PDF) - great summary

#WIPO's secret, corporate-run #trademark enforcement meeting - more meetings behind closed doors: something to hide?

Bolivian president Evo Morales scraps plans for Amazon highway - significant - and welcome - u-turn #bolivia

A cultural thought experiment - fab speculation, as ever

German #Pirate Party Riding the Wave of Success - pretty amazing stats #germany

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