Wednesday, 10 July 2019


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest yesterday’s tweets as a single page

Crowdfunding campaign launched to stop EU’s new copyright regulations - #surveillance #article13/17

Getting Ready for DWeb Camp: A Conversation with Kelsey Breseman - “a rockstar engineer and entrepreneur working to solve climate change, protect public access to scientific data, and build a better web.”

The EU must finally tackle Japan on whale industry - “concerns that #Japan may try to recruit other pro-whaling nations to leave the IWC and join a new Pacific whalers’ club to herald in a new era of the slaughter of cetaceans for profit.”

The writing is on the wall for ads based on real-time bidding in the EU – and maybe everywhere - this is going to have a massive impact on ads and online sites #gdpr

Trump calls May foolish as diplomatic row escalates - confirms that it was a huge misjudgement to honour him with a State visit; he’s an ignorant, selfish boor. flattery only begets contempt.

UK ISPs Vilify Mozilla For Trying To Secure The Internet - just disgraceful

Saudi princess tried in absentia over alleged attack on worker - love of violence seems to run in the family…

Ursula von der Leyen 'does not see any problems' with Brexit extension after 31 October - interesting

Trump 'disrespectful and wrong' over UK ambassador, says Hunt - quite right; now, will boris have the guts to say the same? I doubt it…

'Deep Fake' Legislation Is On The Way, Threatening Free Speech Protections -

No-deal Brexit a political and economic threat, Ireland warns - not least to the hard-won peace in northern ireland…

"The report also put paid to Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt’s hopes that the EU will accept technology-based “alternative arrangements” for the Irish border." probably because it doesn't exist, and may never exist

MPs vote to extend abortion and same-sex marriage rights to Northern Ireland - great news

Device could bring both solar power and clean water to millions - let’s hope…

Trump lashes out at ‘foolish’ May as crisis over ambassador grows - johnson “refused to say that he would back Darroch if he won the contest.” do we really want a coward to be our PM…?

"it seems likely that Johnson will soon be at a desk in No 10, jabbing at unresponsive keys, staring at a [political] blue screen of death. And in that scenario, British politics is heading for a hard reboot." -

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