Wednesday, 3 July 2019


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest yesterday’s tweets as a single page

Is Britain capable of managing its own affairs after Brexit? - “After Brexit, central government administration is destined to become less open and accountable, and thus more costly – a frightening thought for anyone who cares how their taxes are spent.”

Brexit ‘hitting foreign languages in schools’ - “Parents in disadvantaged areas are telling teachers languages will be less useful after Brexit” more #brexit stupidity

EU farmers boss: ‘Devastating’ Mercosur trade pact exposes Europe’s double standards - bad for EU farmers, disastrous from amazonian forest. #StopMercosur

WIPO Accused of Bias Toward Copyright Holders in Regional Meetings - of course; time to shut down @WIPO

Online #Censorship Is Coming–Here’s How to Stop It - Eben Moglen had the solution a decade ago - of course #article13/17 #freesw

Boris Johnson, UK’s Answer To Trump, Offers A Masterclass In How To Use The Dead Cat Strategy Combined With A Google Bomb - dumb luck - or sheer genius?

Yes, The EU #Copyright Directive Does Have A Few Good Ideas – But They Need To Be Implemented Properly - this is the next battle: implementation of #article13/17

Theresa May to warn successors that no-deal Brexit threatens UK’s future -

Brexit: UK economy may be shrinking on back of no-deal fears - I’m sure that’s perfectly normal, no?

No-deal #Brexit could hit Christmas supply of toys, says Sainsbury’s - at least children will have their blue passports to make up for the lack of Xmas presents…

‘A bad trip’: @jairbolsonaro 's first six months leave even the right dismayed - “32% of Brazilians now considering his government bad or awful compared with 11% when he took power.”

Brazil sent one million salmonella-infected chickens to UK in two years - yum; be even worse after #brexit US trade deal…

Trump to claim US is environmental leader in spite of ripping up protections - another brazen trump lie, nothing new there…easy to rebut

Chinese Border Agents Now Installing Malware On Foreigners’ Cellphones - especially if you are going to East Turkestan…

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