Thursday, 28 March 2019


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest’s tweets as a single page

‘People are dying’: Ocasio-Cortez delivers fiery speech on climate inaction - excellent stuff; watch and share…

May vor weiterer Brexit-Debatte im Unterhaus: Warten, warnen, wanken - harsh but fair…

Corbyn set to whip MPs to back public vote as frontbench threatens revolt - how on earth can frontbenchers object to a democratic public vote in the light of Saturday’s march, the revoke petition and opinion polls overwhelmingly for remain?

#AI-based predictive policing systems widely used in US and UK, despite concerns about privacy, and flaws in the approach - #predpol is very dodgy

The European Copyright Directive/2: to filter or not to filter? - interesting analysis; shows the big problems that implementing #article13 will cause

EU Copyright Reform Shows Need For Global Reform - #article13 shows copyright has gone to far: time to reverse it…

Pyrrhussieg heißt jetzt Voss-Sieg - good analysis: the copyright industry will regret winning #article13 and #article11 - just as they regretted Leistungsschutzrecht win - which had them begging to Google

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