Wednesday, 12 December 2018


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest yesterday’s tweets as a single page

McDonald’s to curb use of antibiotics in its beef supply - this must be effective, not token, and everyonen else must follow suit - this is a huge emergency

Four million Europeans’ signatures opposing #Article13 have been delivered to the European Parliament - EU politicians must listen if they want people to take the European project seriously #copyright

How Bike-Sharing Services And Electric Vehicles Are Sending Personal Data To The Chinese Government - anything online can be subverted for surveillance #privacy

Shadow rapporteurs take stand against Parliament’s handling of #copyright directive - too important to rush through…

How Native American tribes are bringing back the bison from brink of extinction - rare good news

Urge Ecuador’s New Oil-Friendly Environmental Minister to Reject Yasuní Oil Drilling -

EU public says enough is enough on tobacco control - no: a small sample with skewed majority (66%) of smokers and ex-smokers say that to misleading questions. in real-life, we want lots more control, please…

Canal+ commits copyfraud, gets Banksy’s painting-shredding video removed from Youtube - this will be much easier with #article13 #uploadfilters - no penalties for false claims

TV, Sports & Movie Companies Still Freaking Out That EU Copyright Directive Might Include A Safe Harbor For Internet Platforms - #article13

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