Wednesday, 5 December 2018


West Papua: conflicting reports surround attack that killed up to 31 - tkime for #indonesia to end its occupation of #WestPapua

“Virtually every poll in the sequence since the summer of 2017 has found a majority believing that the wrong decision was made in the EU referendum of 2016.”

Barclays customers ‘to leave en masse’ over #tarsands investment - damn right; shame on @Barclays

“Parliament did not give the British public consultation." - that’s explicitly what it did - it was an adivsory vote. had it been binding, a 60% threshold would have been reasonable, as elsewhere… #brexitchaos

Who is behind the push for a post-Brexit free trade deal with the US? - “The things the US complains about and wants conceded include limits on pesticide residues and hormone-disrupting chemicals in food, nutritional labelling” #brexitchaos

EU’s dependence on dollar to be reduced under new proposals - should have been done 10 years ago

Split Key Cryptography is Back… Again – Why Government Back Doors Don’t Work - good background to #australia's foolish attempts to break encryption

McCluskey "urged MPs to hold their nerve as Labour’s alternative approach would deliver for the country.” - IOW, he’s a clueless idiot too… #brexitchaos

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