Monday, 3 December 2018


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest yesterday’s tweets as a single page

#Armenia's ex-minister of nature protection accused of taking $14 million bribe - poor armenia

Brexit backstop would be ‘practical barrier’ to trade deal, leaked paper says - which was pretty obvious #brexitchaos

Multiple threats from EU’s #GDPR to today’s corporate #surveillance and targeted advertising system - here’s why that’s good

General rules on direct and indirect liability for copyright infringement instead of Art. 13 - what an utter mess #article13 is #eucopyright

GCHQ Propose A ‘Going Dark’ Workaround That Creates The Same User Trust Problem Encryption Backdoors Do -

Insulin4All - “For Nicole Smith-Holt and her husband James Holt, Jr. whose son, Alec Rae Smith, died at 26 after rationing his insulin, the consequences of insulin prices are far too real.” #bigpharma greed kills

The Business of AI Startups - “survey of commercial AI startups, documenting rich detail about their businesses and their impacts on their customers. firms report benefits of AI that are more often about enhancing human capabilities than replacing them.”

Time To Tell The Truth About #Article13 - it’s not about the mythical “value gap”, which is actually an innovation gap… #eucopyright directive

Free Software Foundation receives $1 million from Handshake - #freesw

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