Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160523 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

What's the True Cost of #Fracking? This Eye-Opening Infographic May Surprise You - now coming to #Yorkshire...

North Yorkshire council backs first UK fracking tests for five years - so much for Tories' belief in local democracy

#TTIP less consensual than it seems in Central and Eastern Europe - support is dropping everywhere #ISDS

#Elephants continue to suffer in 'humane' wildlife sanctuaries - unacceptable suffering and abuse

Windows Phone market share falls below one percent - this is why #Microsoft will never be important again...

Brexit campaign leadership dominated by climate-sceptics - IOW, idiots

Why the UK government’s latest Snoopers’ Charter bid is wrong - good to see an MP getting stuck in here #IPBill

Roundtable: Why the EU needs Knowledge #Commons - June 1st, Brussels

EU data protection chief: We have serious concerns about #PrivacyShield - whose survival chances get smaller...

CETA CHECK - Let's make this huge! - #CETA is the main threat today: we must address it

#Google’s Paris office raided by police in tax probe - and yet more...

Commission may offer defining criteria on hormone disruptors by June - well, we'll see...

"We respectfully ask that the NRC dissolve its current committee" - "NRC’s Proposed Committee Violates FACA"

Huge Scale Of UK Road Camera #Surveillance Revealed - now they want the same for the Information Superhighway...

EU Standards Directive needs revision, researchers say - "also warn against allowing #FRAND" (v @schestowitz) 

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