Thursday, 12 May 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160511 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

EU-Canada trade agreement must not be applied before full democratic ratification process - #CETA is rumbling on

#TTIPleaks highlight the dangers of regulatory cooperation - arguably even worse than #ISDS in undermining democracy

Wall St. groups threaten to sit out #TPP push - want free data flow: same for #TTIP? pity about #privacyshield, then

Passing #TPP and rewarding slave labor is morally reprehensible

Views of European Diplomats in Washington: "possible to reach #TTIP agreement in 2016" - shows some are out of touch

New UK #copyright enforcement strategy: “Track down” infringers, brainwash kids - want people to "respect" copyright

BBC iPlayer viewers will need a TV licence to watch programmes online - hmm: so how will that work? #identitycards?

Warning to Europe – How the #TTIP Threatens Public Health Care and Pensions - excellent, detailed analysis

One reason there's so much anger about globalization is that we haven't been honest about the price - #TPP #TTIP

Open letter to from @EFF to members of the @W3C Advisory Committee - deeply wrong this is necessary #DRM

Livestock carcass washing rules remain a Canada-EU irritant despite #CETA - which hasn't been ratified...

You can put #Windows 7 on your wrist if you don't mind the 3-hour boot time - pretty normal for any platform, no...?

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