Thursday, 5 May 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160504 - yesterday's tweets as a single page - lots on #TTIPleaks

#Copyright Holders Try To Stop Ravel's 'Bolero' From Entering Public Domain Using Co-Author Trick - what a dance

.@ArsTechnicaUK is one year old today: Here’s what’s coming next - how time flies when you're having fun

#linux users: you might be interested in this petition:
Demand St Kilda penguin killers be brought to justice -

Gro├če Mehrheit der Deutschen sieht #TTIP kritisch - "Die Ablehnung gegen das Freihandelsabkommen TTIP steigt"

Politicians across the EU back away from #TTIP after leak—but Cameron ploughs on - getting lonely, David? #TTIPleaks

The man who helped save Afghanistan's treasures from ravages of war - this is what a true hero looks like

Craig Wright U-turns on pledge to provide evidence he invented bitcoin - just sad...

Dutch dragnet surveillance bill leaked: our analysis - looks bad #nl

#TTIP under pressure: what are the forecasts? - excellent, closely-argued psephological analysis: it's a goner

FBI Harassing Core Tor Developer, Demanding She Meet With Them, But Refusing To Explain Why - troubling

Plans for coal-fired power in Asia are 'disaster for planet' warns World Bank - @WorldBank gets a clue for a change

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