Friday, 18 September 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150916 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Last ditch #TPP Ministerial in 10 days – is Groser preparing to swallow the rat? - #NZ about to be sold down river

Images reveal impact on coral of Beijing's military bases - shame on #china for this wanton destruction of corals

#CA Poll: NDP, Liberal & Green voters support changes to trade deals - #CETA #TPP

Austrian Ruling Likely To Have Big implications For #Copyright Levies Across EU - may affect Germany - and GEMA #at

#FOI: Court & Tribunal Fees Consultation - pl. keep FOI affordable - UK gov trying to make it too expensive to use

MI5 chief wants Internet companies to help “follow terrorists in cyberspace” - they might be lurking on GeoCities

#TISA, stay away from Latin America! - and #TPP while you're at it...

White House Realizes Mandating Backdoors To #Encryption Isn't Going To Happen - David Cameron, please take note...

Jeremy #Corbyn : Labour will campaign for UK to stay in the EU - shrewd move for Labour, good for EU...

Lib Dem leader playing 'agony aunt' to distressed Labour MPs - oh, do the LibDems still exist? how quaint...

.@jeremycorbyn on #TTIP: "against which I have campaigned" - "no future for EU if we engage in a race to the bottom"

No position on #CETA without cheese, fisheries compensation details: NDP - blessed are the cheesemakers... #ca

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