Friday, 25 September 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150924 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Groser unsure whether #TPP meeting worthwhile - nah, waste of time, mate - take it from me... #NZ

#NZ: TPP's Glass half empty - even with ABs milk - "there are no chinks of compromise on dairy."

Auto Industry's Own Study Demolishes Case For Car Safety Harmonization In #TTIP - not much left... #awkward

Klage gegen Atomausstieg: EU unterstützt Deutschland im Streit mit Vattenfall - oh look: EC fighting against #ISDS

German art historian to become first foreign director of British Museum - good idea

"industrial farming is responsible for more pain and misery than all the wars of history put together" - #TTIP

Cannabis 'forest' discovered in south-west London - well, Kingston - what do you expect?

NHS-approved health apps put patient privacy and health at risk, says study - not good

“#Snowden Treaty” proposed to curtail mass surveillance & protect whistleblowers - nice idea, will it do anything?

Stop animal cruelty - save lives - "ban the preventative use of #antibiotics in livestock farming"

Cold, hard data: inside #Facebook's Swedish hub near the Arctic Circle - will come in handy if #SafeHarbour goes

#GCHQ: Record the website browsing habits of “every visible user on the Internet.” - with legal authorisation at all

EU "moves to water-down risk assessment procedures for agri-biotech" - important analysis; #EFSA a disgrace #TTIP

Twitch’s hypocritical nudity policy shows it’s out of touch with the modern world - ridiculous

EU consultation: Regulations for platforms, online intermediaries, data & cloud computing, collaborative economy -

EU consultation: #geoblocking and other geographically-based restrictions when shopping,  accessing info in EU -

Now That Nielsen Can Actually Be Bothered To Track Internet Video, The Numbers For Traditional TV Are Getting Ugly -

People Who Need to Pee Are Better at Lying - ha!

"anger public often enough, & public support for the IP system may begin to be called into question" - already has

#London tube gains regenerative braking tech that can power whole stations - clever

big: #GCHQ regards your ID, userid & password as metadata, & therefore thinks it can "legally" intercept them -

Pope Francis asserts 'right of the environment' in speech to UN - nice

German MEPs oppose stricter car emissions tests - shame on them #vw

tech companies set out 'red lines' on new EU privacy law - hey, you do what law says, you don't say what it does

#TTIP Could Lead To Jobs, Access To Better Drugs, Says Pharma - usual lies about more "incentives" needed 4 research

VW Whistleblower: 'We Gave EPA Diesel Emissions Data In 2014' - so much for the idea US stds more rigorous than EU's

Osborne presses on with Hinkley power station despite criticism - even business is saying don't do it...

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