Saturday, 27 June 2015


St. Kitts: Days to Save Endangered Fin Whales - "about to leave port to hunt and kill 150 endangered fin whales"

David Attenborough and Barack Obama face-to-face in TV interview - fascinating encounter

Saving the dhole: The forgotten 'badass' Asian dog more endangered than tigers - fascinating stuff

Why Central and Eastern European governments should reject investment arbitration in #TTIP - be crazy not to #ISDS

Apology Legislation In Hong Kong? What Kind Of A Stupid Law Is That? - oh, it isn't. sorry. #hk

Ministry of Defence sought access to sensitive data about children in England - the dangers of databases

Council of Europe focuses on Eponia, and there's more to come - this is significant #EPO

Malaysia's Stand On #TPP Not Finalised, Says Mustapa - waiting for cost-benefit analysis: very wise

Suppressed HS2 report reveals serious cost concerns - "unaffordable given its other spending commitments."

Obamacare works — which is why the Republicans are mad as hell - awkward

#Netneutrality in critical danger in Europe. time to act - come on,@Europarl_EN: no deal is better than bad deal

Chevron v. Ecuador - most egregious use of #ISDS against developing country so far; shows why #ISDS must go

Can Free Trade Agreements Be Consistent With #ClimateChange Mitigation? - no, because they put profit before people

#TiSA, another secret treaty to obliterate democratic government - but word is getting out now....

#TTIP driving EU’s deregulation agenda - it's not "harmonisation", but blatant *deregulation"

Canada Saves Public From Public Domain, Extends Copyright On Sound Recordings Another 20 Years - lucky canada

Hated scheme now 'unachievable', howls watchdog - clearly time to bin it

Wayback Machine’s 485 billion web pages blocked by Russian government order - all because of one page, too #ru

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