Thursday, 11 June 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150610 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

New leaks show PHARMAC “fighting for oxygen” under #TPP - just as we predicted #NZ

Trade Deal Targets Medicare, New Leak Reveals - and much else #TPP

Wikileaks: #NZ health system could be 'crippled' by #TPP - New Zealanders might like to do something about it..

Big pharma is the real winner in #TPP plan - always how it was meant to be

#TPP won't lead to higher prescription prices - PM - if it doesn't, people will have to pay through their taxes

How to fix #patents: economic liberty requires patent reform - urgently needed

UK’s official spy review: Bulk interception OK, but put judges in charge -  big shake-up proposed: will they do it?

People With #HIV May be the Biggest Losers Under New Trade Treaty - don't they have enough problems? #TPP

A question of trust: notes on the terror watchdog report - digesting 370 pages... #surveillance

Germany's most powerful trade union grouping to join protest against #TTIPt - momentum keeps on building

#TPP Transparency for the Big Pharma Wrecking Crew - "relentless drive for monopoly prices and monopoly profits."

Why the Founding Fathers Would Oppose Fast Track - "#TPP’s apparent violation of the U.S. Constitution"

Obama trade agenda in trouble - "facing potentially fatal opposition among House Democrats" #TPA #TPP

What Big Pharma wants from the big trade deal - well, money, mostly, plus power, and then some money

Why the #TPP Is a Terrible Deal for Most Americans - "destroying lives and livelihoods." #TPA

Downing Street faces fight over call to strip ministers of #surveillance powers - oh look, it begins...

Trade Bill in Jeopardy as Democrats Hold Back - but will they stay back...? #TPA

#Israel exonerates itself over #Gaza beach killings of four children last year - why not give medals too?

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