Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150610 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

The obscure legal system that lets corporations sue countries - detailed background on horrors & insanity of #ISDS

Stop the biggest ever UK pig factory being built - Say NO to 30,000 pigs behind bars - barbaric & unconscionable

Divided EU lawmakers postpone vote on US trade deal - "highlighting the growing doubts in the EU about its benefits"

Privacy International Files Complaint Against #GCHQ's Use Of 'Bulk Personal Datasets' - keeping up the pressure

#TPP Healthcare transparency annex leaked - "designed to cripple #NewZealand's strong public healthcare programme"

#TPP Healthcare transparency annex leak analyses - don't miss, they show how #NZ is selling out its #Pharmac system

TTIP “dirty deal” falls apart as EU debate and vote cancelled - #TTIP turns into #ACTA 2.0; #ISDS to blame...

Medicines to cost more and healthcare will suffer, according to leaks - wake up, #Australia, still time to stop #TPP

People are posing with tampons to break the taboo about menstruation - #JustATampon, no, really

Accusations fly as EPP & S&D exchange fire over TIP-vote postponement, but both 2 blame - great analysis from insider

Over 90 youth parties across Europe demand #NetNeutrality next Friday - good for them - it's their future at stake

Fake mobile phone towers discovered in the UK - time for the @metpoliceuk to fess up? #surveillance #imsi #stingray

Luke 'Ming' Flanagan TD gives his perspective on #ISDS in the wake of today's @Europarl_EN #TTIP fiasco -

Farage: EU 'running scared' over US trade deal - even he says it... #TTIP #ISDS

Top Eurocop: People are OK with us #snooping on their phone calls - dangerous idiot: "didn’t recognise terminology"

100 Scientists Call for a Moratorium on Oil Sands Development - good to see #tarsands #canada

The great #TTIP debate that never was - "TTIP is being dealt weekly setbacks at the moment"

wow, Stop #TTIP has really taken flight this week: gone from a "mere" 2 million, to nearly 2.2 million in days -

Idaho Republicans want Bible in schools for “astronomy, biology, geology” - riiiight

Revealed: the secret immigration chapter in Obama’s #TISA trade agreement - a crucial part, in fact #TPA

#TPP: Bad for Your Health? - US "signing away authority 2 regulate critical aspects of health policy 4 years to come"

Escalating Drug Prices Likely from Secret “Fast Track” Trade Bill - that's #TPP in case you were wondering

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