Saturday, 12 July 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140710 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

On How UK's Political Elite Shoved Through A Data Retention Bill - rightly called a "stitch-up" #DRIP

Les conservateurs doivent négocier le partenariat transpacifique de façon transparente - #TPP

#Monsanto GMO Corn Can Cause Damage to Liver and Kidneys, and Severe Hormonal Disruption - #seralini is back...

You Can Only Be Against #BasicIncome Based On Morals, Not Evidence - definitely an idea gaining support

Drought now covers almost 35% of U.S., and is predicted to grow - just the start, people... #climatechange

The Net Neutrality Battle Reported by @Techdirt - worth supporting on #beacon (but I may be biased)

.@dozykraut's good point: EU 'promise' that #NHS excluded from #TTIP worthless, because #TISA will ensure privatisation lock-in #euchatTTIP

"Trade negotiations are not held in public, but they are not secret." - #priceless #TISA #euchatTTIP

building the anti-#TTIP movement in Britain - it's building very rapidly - even faster than #ACTA

EU's Anti-#OpenSource Approach to Procurement - this is simply disgraceful, & must change

Lawyers and web experts attack UK’s fast-tracking of surveillance legislation - too right #DRIP

#TTIP will ensure European 'dependence on fossil fuels' - so much for being more or less "carbon-neutral" #TAFTA

 Shanghai to host #BRICS Bank: Putin aide - makes sense

"ISDS provisions in #TTIP could have no impact on UK's sovereign right to make changes to NHS" - you still get sued

Satya Nadella Proves That #Microsoft Hasn't Changed At All - that's a relief - I was worried for a moment...

World Council of Churches pulls fossil fuel investments - momentum for #disinvestment really growing #carbonbubble

 Schon 2005 behauptet: Der BND hackt Computer, hat SWIFT infiltriert und betreibt Industriespionage -

#TTIP: the NHS will be exempt, but how will the rest of the deal effect us? - nothing new: UK gov could still be sued

Organic food has more antioxidants and less toxic metals, study finds - more studies would be useful here

Burberry shareholders revolt over Christopher Bailey's pay package - may it be the first of many

the video they don't want you to see - can't imagine why @Shell @LEGO_Group

European Federation for Investment & Arbitration (EFIA) has started - pushing for totally unnecessary #ISDS in #TTIP

The Great Corporate Swindle: Agribusiness Sets the US-EU TTIP Agenda - (v @greentak)#TAFTA

Academic publishers draft and release their own #OpenAccess licences - no: these are "fauxpen" - must be ignored

"#ISDS: Textual discussions suspended pending outcome of EU consultation" - what about verbal ones? #TTIP

"Workshops on key economic issues regarding enforcement of IPR in EU" - bet it doesn't include costs of monopolies

White Paper Calls for New Legislation to Combat “Predatory Foreign Websites” -  even more privileges

#noTTIP: National day of action, 12 July 2014 - that's tomorrow - don't miss the fun #TAFTA

"Before they were three provinces – Baghdad, Mosul & Basra. I think it will be three provinces again" - seems likely

US-Reaktion auf Spionage-Affäre: Jetzt ist auch Obama verstimmt - what next? #nsa #de

German spy agency searches for more moles after US breach - but what will they do if they find any? #nsa

Miami, the great world city, is drowning while powers that be look away - oh, strange: #denialist dogma doesn't help

question is: when most of Miami sinks into the sea, will denialist politicians who are responsible get sued for the losses..? #climatechange

Even The Onion Is Mocking Big Pharma's Focus On Patents Over All Else - so well done

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