Friday, 11 July 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140709 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#NSA-Affäre: SPD rückt von Freihandelsabkommen #TTIP ab - big if confirmed (v @Liese_Mueller)#TAFTA

"ETUC is fundamentally opposed to the inclusion of #ISDS" in #TTIP - EU trade unions speak out against ISDS

Leaked #TTIP document exposes dangerous european union energy proposal - "would be disaster for climate"

Le blocage sans juge des sites terroristes, un réflexe anti-démocratique - France, too, it seems (v @TheSFReader)

#TTIP must work for the people, or it won't work at all - Declaration of Joint Principles ETUC/AFL-CIO - great stuff

Emergency UK #surveillance law to be brought in with cross-party support - despite lack of any evidence it's needed

The tide is turning against the scam that is privatisation - great analysis; we must move to public ownership

Silent Circle takes on Skype and Viber with global, encrypted phone calls - claims works with landlines: surely not?

let's not forget that EU #dataretention was brought in as cynical kneejerk reaction to London & Madrid bombings: not evidence-based at all

Prof. Andy Tanenbaum is finally retiring - end of an era #minix #linux

#Poland a challenge to EU 2030 climate goals, warns Ed Davey - disappointingly short-sighted

Ricky Gervais calls for public to hand in unwanted wildlife products - interesting move

European Investment Bank "is not fit for delivering on sustainable development" - so intransparent (v @Liese_Mueller)

If #TTIP Trade Deal Puts People Before Profits, It Can Work, Say AFL-CIO and ETUC - & if it doesn't, what then?

Big Banks Want Power to Declare Cyber War - what could possibly go wrong?

Lack of #transparency in #TTIP - a case for the ECJ? - important analysis #TAFTA

(reliable) rumours that no. of responses to EU #ISDS consultation already > 100,000; let's make it even more - #TTIP

Microsoft’s Android License [pdf] -'s%20Android%20License.pdf interesting analysis why MS patent portfolio may be weak

EU welcomes new UN Convention on #transparency for #ISDS - yeah, but not for #TTIP/#TAFTA eh?

UK fast-tracks comms data retention law in attempt to expand powers overseas - good analysis, bad stuff #DRIP

"decline in our ability to obtain the communications data we need" - no, not in absolute terms, only as percentage

"Let’s raise a loud global call for #TPP chief negotiators to back off and save free expression now" -

Aereo: Okay, Fine, If You Say We Look Like A Duck, We'll Quack Like A Duck - fascinating

more absurd security theatre -  why keep routes involved "secret"? word will get out anyway...

"Legislation aims to shore up powers" - no, it doesn't @guardian - it extends them; come on, wake up #DRIP

EU’s civil society giants push for treaty change - indispensable if European project is to be saved..

#TTIP: EU consultation:@EU_Commission behaving badly - still time to submit your response on #ISDS

"all to do with maintaining the fear levels that keep population compliant, & nothing to do with aviation security" -

Wikimedia Statement on #Copyright Changes in #TPP - "voicing opposition to certain provisions"

EU-Arzneimittelbehörde verschiebt neue Transparenzregeln - @EMA_News spits in the face of EU citizens again #opendata

Proposed U.S.-China Treaty Would Expose US Laws to Extrajudicial Attacks by Chinese Corps Operating Here - #ISDS

Information Security 4 Journalists (but 4 all) - excellent, practical info on staying safe online; free; recommended

British Dance Council bids to ban same-sex couples from the ballroom - gratuitous move: I wonder who is behind it?

Germany Expels Top US Intelligence Official, Says It Will (Officially) Spy Back On US And UK - getting serious

How Technology Is Helping People Learn—& Even Save— World's Languages - nicely hopeful post (v @isaac)#linguistics

US Farm Bureau: “We oppose adoption & usage of a ‘sustainability’ standard 4 agricultural products in #TTIP” - #TAFTA

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