Thursday, 13 February 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140211 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Reply to #AU Trade Minister's "safeguards" for #ISDS in #TPP - good takedown of feeble arguments

Groser: Calls for #TPP transparency code for destroying it - admits TPP so bad couldn't stand up to any scrutiny #NZ

#AU gov. is treating trade agreements as political trophies - "struck in secret, accepted without question" #TPP

Snowden Says He Is Willing To Answer Questions From European Parliament, Which Also Wants Him To Go There In Person -

German Government Tries To Neuter FOI Requests By Refusing To Allow Responses To Be Published - not good #de

Europaabgeordnete wenden sich von #Snowden ab - so many cowards in the European Parliament...

European Commission has been "fully transparent" on #TAFTA/#TTIP - rubbish; insults 500 million people EC ignores

Free trade and genocide: Colombian activists want Canada to act - important aspect that has been overlooked #CETA

Notice of Action! EU Commission to revive take-down directive - worrying if true #copyright

Edward #Snowden asylum demand dropped by European parliament - pathetic bullying by national govs (v @Asher_Wolf)

#PhRMA Wants #EU Put On US's 'Priority Watch List' For Plans To Disclose Basic Safety Info About Drugs -

US Chamber of Commerce discussion of South Africa - wants 70-year #copyright term amongst other things

#TTIP: "mutual recognition of standards set by self-appointed regulatory bodies & policed by fear of litigation"? -

EU Parliament Civil Liberties Committee Paves the Way for Real #NetNeutrality - this is good news...

Nigel Lawson condemns Met Office scientist's 'absurd' floods comment - everyone else condemns his comment as ignorant

EU-utskottet LIBE r√∂stade nej till att ge Snowden skydd i EU - as I feared: no snowden asylum call

Japan US envoy hopes to see China, S. Korea eventually join #TPP - of course, but why would #china give up its power?

What tear gas taught me about Twitter and the NSA - important piece about #surveillance & "big data"

Appelbaum: 'No belief that president has control' - short but good interview #nsa #surveillance

USTR Announces “Notorious” Markets For Piracy 2013 - why does anyone care about this stupid farce? (v @howardknopf)

Floods: David Cameron must face down climate scepticism in his own party - good analysis; fire #paterson for a start

Costly insurance 'will create flood-risk ghettos & £4.3tn fall in house values' - UK gov hasn't thought this through

Dansk interview med whistlebloweren #Snowden - "Kan du bevise, du ikke er en rus­sisk spion? Er der nogen, der kan?"

"Your presentation, Glyn Moody - TAFTA/TTIP - trade, Internet and democracy, has been downloaded more than 10 times on #SlideShare" O-K...

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