Monday, 10 February 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140208 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Hugo Barra and America’s Technology Blind Spot - nice piece about what we're missing in #china

Edward #Snowden’s hypocrisy on Russia - oh look, another failed attempt to smear him (v @JesselynRadack)

27K Barclays account details for sale - NB #whistleblower revealed this - more protection needed (v @AlexiMostrous)

Year of Code: "a cabal of private businesses looking for a government subsidy to ensure their future profit" - again

Pickles apologises over floods and blames Environment Agency advice - how cynical & opportunistic can you get?

UK government consistently ignored scientists' warnings about flooding & #climatechange now tries to blame them for disaster that results

Pickles said: "It does not matter if it is climate change or a fluctuation in weather patterns," adding that he was not qualified to comment

given he admits his own ignorance, Pickles should listen to the scientists who do know whether it's #climatechange of the weather...

Les industriels à l'assaut de la jeunesse africaine - sick & sickening (v @cybearDJM)#smoking #africa

"After Tyrone Hayes said that [herbicide #atrazine] was harmful, its maker pursued him" - superb piece, do read

Before the last home is torched - @WorldBank being evil yet again - #epetition against its stupidity

CIA #torture techniques in Libya included prolonged diapering & use of insects - proud of this, USA? (v @schestowitz)

State #pension service could be privatised under DWP plans - so rule is: if it ain't broke, break it... #nhs

Freedom's Future - Part IV of Eben Moglen's magisterial lectures on what #Snowden teaches us, and what we must do now

#Gibraltar to export nuisance Barbary macaque monkeys - er, yes: where to?

Amid Epic Drought, South America’s Largest City Is Running Out Of Water - "global trend of increased dryness"

Olympic official to reporters: stop complaining about hotels or we'll release CCTV footage of you in bathroom -

6 Nasty Drugs Your Meat Is On - coming to #EU thanks to #TAFTA/#TTIP if US gets its way...

How can we battle against state #surveillance? - that's the big question for 2014

Censorship is No Cure for Piracy, Legal Options Are - when will they get this?

Could A Climate Scientist’s Defamation Suit Shut Down The Nation’s Leading Conservative Magazine? - interesting

#TarSands Oil Development Is More Toxic Than Previously Thought, Study Finds - so ban their products from EU

#NSA-Spionage wird Topthema im EU-Wahlkampf - lots of fascinating stuff #TTIP

DOD Complains about “Speculative” Risk of Bulk Collection - the biter bit #nsa #snowden - "Vote for your digital rights" interesting initiative (v @harkank) #surveillance #copyright #opensource

Because Of #DRM, The Entire #Copyright Monopoly Legislation Is A Lie - this can't be emphasised enough...

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