Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140202 - http://bit.ly/1fEhYQ0 yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Why the #TAFTA | #TTIP will not Live Up to its Promises - http://bit.ly/1gFINai a detailed & devastating analysis

"victims of flooding are having to pay up to 41p a minute to call government helpline 4 advice" - http://bit.ly/1dlMD0o ah privatisation...

Pro-green Tories challenge party's climate change sceptics - http://bit.ly/1nHYJcS excellent points about metrics & GDP

#Philippines launches last-minute bid to join #TPP - http://bit.ly/1dlQf2t crazy: they will have zero negotiating power...

#India to Digitize Public Libraries Under Rs 400 cr National Mission on Libraries - http://bit.ly/1imBkKK great move

St. Louis Police Officers Caught Running Possibly Politically-Motivated Background Checks On Police Board Members - http://bit.ly/MRHN5K

A revolutionary communist could lead Ofsted, says Michael Gove - http://bit.ly/1cN9Tc2 all mouth & no trousers? prove it, Michael...

Ex-BP oil disaster and #fracking executive to lead #HS2 project - http://bit.ly/1kEnu77 also: "Talisman Terry, your friendly #Fracosaurus".

EU ambassador: finishing #CETA technical negotiations ‘question of weeks’ - http://bit.ly/1dYfhVj but final text "will take two years" huh?

Missouri executing prisoners before appeals are exhausted - http://bit.ly/1imLWsM heinous

#Adobe to Require New Epub DRM in July, Expects to Abandon Existing Users - http://bit.ly/1bVu2bw #DRM: the gift that keeps taking...

Night Of First Ed #Snowden Story, Streets In Front Of Guardian's NY Office & Home Of Its US Editor Suddenly Dug Up - http://bit.ly/1cNpI2m

Ministers savage UN report calling for abolition of UK's bedroom tax - http://bit.ly/1dmpjQ8 "discredited" "partisan" - refers to UK, no?

Podcasting Patent Troll Files Bogus Subpoena To Intimidate Donors To EFF's 'Save Podcasting' Campaign - http://bit.ly/1bk7t0q incredible

Will McDonald's Stop Serving Big Macs With #Antibiotics? - http://bit.ly/1eNogd0 NB "sound science" lie (v @michaelpollan @phylogenomics)

Dell cooks up an #Android PC on an HDMI stick - http://zd.net/1eNpF37 clever, but since when have we had HDMI sticks?

#TAFTA/#TTIP : Le dangereux mirage du «transatlantisme» commercial [pdf] - http://bit.ly/1fT9OlF "TTIP est un faux pas"; excellent analysis

Pension Funds Face New Era of Disclosure On Climate Risks - http://onforb.es/1fGwtD7 time to drop all fossil fuel investments

 It’s Time to Make #OpenStreetMap Your Only Street Map - http://bit.ly/1n7tBAm certainly is... (v @TeaWithCarl)#sochi

Chaos Computer Club Files Criminal Complaint Against German Government Over Mass Spying Revealed By #Snowden - http://bit.ly/1inbNkq

.@EFF Data Privacy Legal Hackathon - http://bit.ly/1bWhQr2 nice collaboration; held in New York, San Francisco, and London

“No Patents On Seeds” Serves #EPO Patent Objection - http://bit.ly/1aWUFlU good to see

Thüringer Elefantenjäger muss Posten räumen - http://bit.ly/1if0biN Udo Wedekind: contemptible scum

West Virginia's chemical spill is illustration of what #TAFTA/#TTIP could bring 2 #EU - http://bit.ly/1fTHoZ1 #deregulation (v @Asher_Wolf)

Parallel Construction Revealed: How The DEA Is Trained To Launder Classified Surveillance Info - http://bit.ly/LslBxn this is so dangerous

WikiLeaks, Greenwald blast Guardian journalist’s book on ‘FSB prisoner’ Snowden - http://bit.ly/1akL8EE stupid, sensationalist framing

Content Mining (#TDM). I analyse #Elsevier’s reply & ask whether I am allowed to mine Chemistry - http://bit.ly/1if4Ykb important questions

ГНУ/Линуксцентр проводит международный конкурс по администрированию экосистемы GNU/Linux - http://bit.ly/1fBXfgr anyone know about this?

FOSDEM: Sicherer Chat unter veränderten Bedingungen - http://bit.ly/1injK9l great news: we really need this #nsa

Water Levels Of The Middle East’s Biggest Lake Have Dropped 95 Percent In Two Decades - http://bit.ly/1k4Kxu5 depressing: another #aral...

3D printed material mimics bone to be both light and strong - http://bit.ly/1fBYE6A makes sense

#Cryptography Breakthrough Could Make Software Unhackable - http://wrd.cm/1k4MRkO but will it be patented to uselessness?

US to push for mandatory car-to-car wireless communications - http://cnet.co/1fC0fcD what could possibly go wrong? #nsa

Did an undercover cop help organise a major riot? - http://bit.ly/1eliCE4 huge implications if true; needs independent investigation #uk

US Hospital Chain Said to Scheme to Inflate Bills - http://nyti.ms/MqxZPt where privatised #NHS is heading...? (v  ‏@candtalan @TimBravo)

#BREIN Loses Again As Dutch Court Rejects Criminal Prosecution For #Copyright Infringement - http://bit.ly/1fUc505 oh, what rotten luck...

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