Saturday, 23 November 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131121 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Exposing China's cyber espionage campaign hasn't lessened scope, US says - same could be said of US, of course #NSA

A letter from the OurFairDeal coalition to governments negotiating the #TPP - good points; doubt they'll listen...

Rerouting Internet Traffic by Attacking BGP - "odds that the #NSA is not doing this sort of thing are basically zero"

Support 5-country proposal on patents & medicines in #TPP to safeguard access to medicines - #epetition

 700 Unternehmen: Wasserwirtschaft und Getränkeindustrie fordern #Fracking-Verbot - interesting move

.@timberners_lee: UK & US must do more to protect Net users' privacy - good to hear this: people might listen to him

Paterson more than meets the two criteria for a good Cabinet minister - witless post about a witless minister

Your medical records – now on sale - includes your date of birth and postcode; total contempt for UK public's privacy

Another New Thames Bridge: Chelsea Harbour 2 Battersea - #london bridges are like buses: you wait for ages, & then...

Texas Police Set Up Checkpoints To Collect Blood And Saliva From 'Volunteers' - er, America, I'd worry if I were you

Horizon 2020 approval by #EP - how much will be #openaccess? #opendata? #opensource? (v @creativecommons @remixtures)

Germany threatens to jail Carl Malamud for making the law available for free - Germany, you're looking silly: stop it

 Canada's refusal to protect polar bears comes under scrutiny - I preferred old boring to current contemptible

Will #NZ Govt purchasing deals prevent support for Living Wage? - of course, autonomy will go... #TPP

Google's Greatest Doodle Yet: an Epic 8-bit 'Doctor Who' Game - nice

"We have now the proof that the European laws are directly written by the industry" - more transparency indispensable

#TPP: a longish peep at patents - & v detailed; useful commentary

Turning #Mozilla #Thunderbird into a Phoenix - why we need Thunderbird to become a major platform #email

Why I Make Terrible Decisions, or, #poverty thoughts - all non-poor people should read this (v @johnb78 @28481k)

Open Electronics - not sure quite how open, but lots of interesting stuff (v @mbauwens)

"#Canada must stand fast in #TPP negotiations to defend access to medicines" - good open letter to Canadian PM

French Stock Market Regulator Hits US Blogger With $10K Fine For Publishing Opinion On French Bank's Leverage Ratio -

#TPP: what the design provisions say -- and don't say! - short but useful analysis of obscure area

The Epic Art of the #Haida Mythtellers - wonderful stuff; reader: I bought the book... #linguistics

How the Internet Saved '#DoctorWho' - fascinating background; how "rights" nearly killed the TV series

The French Senate adopts the #UnitaryPatent, without any debate - carelessness born of ignorance

#Copyright Lobbyists And The $1 Trillion Fallacy - "co-opting the economic activity that disproves their argument"

#Thunderbird peut-il renaître tel un phœnix de notre vie privée ? - sounds good to me #mozilla

Things I learned wandering around Europe for 7 months - some wise and interesting thoughts

Agriculteurs & jardiniers seront-ils bientôt obligés de cultiver dans la clandestinité ? - (v @TeaWithCarl)

Texas board of education may reject biology textbook because evolution is but a theory - bunch of risible idiots

Netzneutraliät in Brüssel: Die Zukunft des Internets steht auf dem Spiel - things not looking good #netneutrality

#Maori culture could be trademarked by #TPP multinationals - neocolonialism strikes again... #NZ

Health Canada outs 40,000 medical marijuana users - careless #privacy

Advanced experiments in 4-D Printing in Boulder - potentially quite big

US Physicians and Scientists-in-Training Push for Access to Medicines in #TPP Negotiations - lives depend on it

"I'm pleased to announce a major step in the development of the #OSI" - onward & upward #opensource

It's Not Such A Wonderful Public Domain, As Paramount Plans To Block 'It's A Wonderful Life' Sequel -  copyright theft

How Antisec Died - interesting & important setting-down of the group's betrayal (v @boingboing)

#Motorola Will Use #3DPrinting For Its Customizable Smartphones - will be the norm soon

Police Beat Up College Student for Riding Bicycle on Sidewalk (Video) - nice little police state you've got there...

How one Chinese company surfed the wave of Android’s openness to a New York IPO - more to come, no doubt #china

Lanzamiento del botón de acceso abierto - nice idea #openaccess

Open letter asking for greater transparency around #TPP - great to see #OpenKnowledgeFoundation in there

Pressure Mounts Against Telcos To 'Fess Up About Their Involvement In #NSA Surveillance - & it won't be pretty

"perception that it's corporations that are dictating agenda in these trade deals" - perception??? (v @MsLods)#TPP

people finally realise #stuxnet was a monumentally stupid idea - (v @PirateOrg @swardley)#toolatenow

Forward Secrecy at #Twitter - that's good #nsa

WIPO Boss Accused Of Surreptitiously Collecting DNA Samples From #WIPO Employees -  wow: Gurry must clearly go

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