Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131111 -  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

How #China  Is Going Global With Its #Censorship  -  worrying trend of a rising power

"#TTIP is all about is locking in a deregulatory regime that threatens some of best consumer & environmental laws" -

What bees can tell us about the danger of giving businesses power in trade deals -  from earlier, makes point well

Kerry: world leaders are "understanding" about NSA leaks -  yes, they understand embarrassing emails could be released

#Australia  Spied On Japanese Companies To Help Its Industries Negotiate Trade Deals -  won't be only ones... #TPP   #jp

Brendan Eich, #Mozilla 's CTO, on EME and #DRM  -  this does not look good #html5

Der gef√§hrliche Schutz von Investoren -  good post on dangers of corporation above nation by @SkaKeller (v @bendrath)

May plans new powers to make British terror suspects stateless -  this woman has no shame #justice   #law

#Renault  Introduces #DRM  For Cars -  this is where DRM madness takes us... #control

 Want 'free trade'? Open the medical and drug industry to competition -  anything with #patents  is anti-free trade

Fukushima residents may never go home, say Japanese officials -  coming to terms with the truth

Ed Felten Explains the Power of #Metadata  -  good post about a key point that US, UK try to elide (v @normative)

"Openness and citizens’ participation would serve EU’s strategic interests & human values. Secrecy weakens the EU." -

 NSA Scandal Warning: Are US Facilities in Germany at Greater Risk? -  getting heavy? (v @ggreenwald)

Il tribunale #Facebook  non risponde -  qualcosa da nascondere...? #it

Consumer, green groups voice fears over EU-U.S. trade deal -  too right #TAFTA / #TTIP

Author Of The PATRIOT Act Goes To EU Parliament To Admit Congress Failed, And The #NSA  Is Out Of Control -  whoa
help, pl.: #FLOSS  2013 survey -  important stuff; "results of the survey will be published in an #OpenAccess  journal."

breakthrough hailed as landmark in fight against hereditary diseases as Crispr technique heralds genetic revolution -

The Curious Case of Polywater -  fascinating tale (v @BoingBoing)

Michael Hayden Claims State Secrecy Is Just Like Personal Privacy -  riiight

Die Wirtschaftsspionage durch #NSA  und #GCHQ  -  next big scandal?

UK needs 'mega farms' to keep food prices down, say experts -  "arguments" adduced here are risible; just about money

Counter-terror chief fights for 'snooper's charter' -  "#GCHQ cannot provide that data itself": no, #NSA  provides it

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