Friday, 1 November 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 131030 -  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

How Much Does Gold-Plated Corporate Sovereignty Cost? $1 Billion Or About 2% Of A Developing Country's GDP -   #isds

AllTrials appeal -  pl. support this important campaign to get clinical trial information released as #opendata

The 2008 Liberty Case: An Authoritative Ruling on #Snowden ’s Disclosures -  important for current case against #gchq

USTR Froman: FTAs A Way To Get Higher IP Standards Into Global Trade “Bloodstream” -  who cares about the public?

It’s Not Right (Maori) -   #TPP  places corporations above the people

Why can't #AU  citizens read #TPP ? -  journalists invited then banned from "public" briefing #transparency

#gchq   #nsa  – MPs debate oversight of the intelligence services – live -  let's hope lots of MPs participate

NSA Fallout Hits AT&T's Ambitions In Europe -  wow (v @netzpolitik)

Comments on #Cisco , #Mozilla , and H.264 -  lots of fascinating background to move - well-worth reading (v @dozykraut)

IETF Begins To Work On Designing A #Surveillance-Resistant Net -  hurry up, please... #NSA   #gchq

Japan's hunts threaten some dolphins & whales with extinction, says EIA -  shame on #japan  for its selfishness

#Snowden  gets a tech support job at 'major' Russian website -  love to be a fly on the wall there...

Outrage Over #NSA  Spying Spreads to #Asia  -  good report of the pain points there... (v @Asher_Wolf)

Further Details On Foreign Spying The #NSA Is/Isn't/Is Doing & How Much The Administration Knows/Doesn't Know/Knows -

Towards a Post-H.264 World  -  how we get from not-so-open here to open there #codecs

I Spent 5 Years in Solitary For Non-Violent, Absurd Infractions Like Having Too Many Postage Stamps -  appalling

#Google  DNS Departs #Brazil  Ahead of New Law -  and so it begins...

“Abhören ist eine Straftat” – Einreise von Edward #Snowden  nach Deutschland rückt näher -   #russia  is safer, methinks

The Castex Resolution on Private Copying Must Take Sharing Into Account! -  pic of Gallo is, er, striking... #EU

The #Cleanweb  Manifesto -  "We have to apply the power of the web to make change happen at all levels" (v @monkchips)

The Slovak Court Orders an ISP to Stop Breaching the #NetNeutrality  -  good to hear (v @hutko @raycorrigan)

#Snowden  will nicht zu Merkel-Ausspähung aussagen -  won't be going to #germany , but has a new hat (v @Rinnsteinpirat)

"Learning that western spies drain the swamp of their own citizens' data does not help terrorists in tangible way" -

George Osborne 'considers capital gains tax for overseas buyers' -  be crazy not to... #london

Face scrub micro-beads are choking the Great Lakes -  crazy stuff #environment

.@Bruce_Schneier on NSA Eavesdropping on Google and Yahoo Networks - "shows how robust the #surveillance  state is"

#China ’s #Alibaba  offers free data to woo mobile shoppers -  others will doubtless follow

Free Guide to #Scribus  Can Quickly Give You Publishing Prowess -   nice #opensource

Hackers targeted Finnish government network for years-report -  not clear who, though... (v @superglaze)#fi

Was Level 3 The Weak Link That Gave The Feds A Way To Hack Into Google's Network? -  intriguing

Eben Moglen #Snowden  and the Future part II -  now available as download if you missed it (v @netzpolitik)

First Arabic Language #CC  Licenses Launched! -  great news; let the #arabic  commons flourish...

Cuadrilla wants to use ethylene oxide 4 fracking -   it's "flammable, carcinogenic, mutagenic" -

#NSA-Affäre : #Snowden  erwägt Aussage für Untersuchungsausschuss -  do make up your mind, Sir... (v @Rinnsteinpirat)

Net giants face NSA questions, says @tom_watson -  er, no: clueless #BBC  is clueless (v @raycorrigan)#whwatch  #gchq

Unprecedented warming uncovered in Pacific depths -  & yet the denialists chant: "nothing to see here, move along pl."

Greenwald On The Reporting Of The0# NSA's Recent Denials: So, Now We Trust The Liars? -  er, maybe not

Spionage in Peking: #China  verlangt Aufklärung von USA -  as well it might

Ractopamine: The Meat Additive on Your Plate That's Banned Almost Everywhere But US -   #TAFTA #TTIP bringing to #EU ?

UK takes lead on ending company secrecy at Open Government Partnership Summit -  great to see #transparency

Scientists wary of shale oil & gas as US energy salvation -  "not going to result in long-term sustainable production"

The role of data in European democracy -  "what kinds of data they’d like to see released next" #opendata

Railway Lines of Internet Connectivity in Africa -  interesting parallels

#Wikipedia   #China  Becomes Front Line for Views on Language and Culture -  fascinating nexus

Chief Judge Of Patent Court Compares Killing Bad Patents To Genocide -  </facepalm>

H.264 is heading to Firefox… is it an EME dry run? -  more thoughts on that #cisco / #mozilla  move #drm

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