Saturday, 17 November 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121115 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

The #ITU could put the Internet behind closed doors - time to fight to stop that happening #wcit

U.S. Military Enlists Amateurs to Track Space Junk - interesting use of citizen science

#nesta: Decoding Learning Report - pathetic: just onemention of #freesw, none of #opensource #fail

Global Fund selects chief, fires watchdog, codifies impatience & obfuscates on malaria - sounds like a total disaster

Harvard Research Scientist: Sharing Discoveries More Efficient, More Honorable Than Patenting Them - kudos

Unbelievable: The #IDF Has Gamified Its War Blog - truly sick

Tomorrow's Conference "Solutions to the Software Patents Problem" Will be Live Streamed - big names, bigger problem

Mozilla Launches Experimental Browser-Based Simulator For Firefox OS - nice

The Great Mexican Maize Massacre - insane move to monoculture, destroying 7000 years of progress #monsanto #dupont #dow

The Average Place on Earth - 2050: "the average place on the planet will be nearly wild."

Farthest Known Galaxy in the Universe Discovered -'t science wonderful?

Building an Innovation-Based Economy with Creative Commons - idea gaining currency #cc

A Tale of Two Lock-ins - why this is still huge problem for#opensource, what we can do about it

Thailand To Join #TPP Negotiations; Access To Medicines Likely To Suffer As A Consequence - & people will die

Is the Long-Term Safety of Genetically Engineered Food Settled? Not by a Long Shot - says Union of Concerned Scientists

Musikindustrie empfiehlt Eltern: Ohrfeigen gegen Filesharing - music industry in favour of child abuse, it seems

[RT] Linus Torvalds: Quellcode lese ich nicht mehr - v lively discussion in comments #linux

Israel and Twitter: Where does free speech end and violence begin? - now there's a big question...

RIAA Prefers Customers Who Buy A Little To Pirates Who Buy A Lot - what strange people

Focus su diritto d’autore e mondo digitale:licenze siae, fair use, creative commons il 19 Novembre a Roma -

EU Parliament, Scientists Press Governments To Boost Research Funding - be mad not to

Petition for transparency in the selection process for the new BBC boss - great idea

McAlpine's solicitor warns long list of Twitter users to 'apologise or be sued' - trail-blazing stuff 

Electronic Versions Of Textbooks Spy On Students As They Read Them - do we really think this is a good idea? #privacy

Earth Unplugged: #BBC Worldwide launches its first ever original-content#YouTube channel - the fusion continues

For China-based accelerator Haxlr8r, ‘hardware is the new software’ - interesting move, interesting place

Brevet unitaire : réunion accélérée, inquiétudes accentuées - not good #eu (v @zoobab)

Hashima, the abandoned island - for #skyfall fans...

The Export of Charcoal: A Colossal Loss of Somali Forests - not something I'd heard about; depressing (v @africatechie)

[ENTREVISTA] Linus Torvalds: “cansei de ler código” (Parte 1) - that man again #linux

Patent Office, Perhaps Forgetting What Year It Is, Locks Down Mobile App Development Platforms - just bonkers

Anti-GM protests throughout Latin America - part of a larger wave?

More jobs at the #OKFN – Apply now! - what are you waiting for? #python #opendata

Introducing the CC Science Advisory Board - wonder what it will do?

Financing open projects - important issue #blender

Letter from 14 Thai Civil Society Groups to Prime Minister Shinawatra Regarding Entry Into the #TPP Negotiations - #th

Former Creative Director at Wired Is Named Its New Editor - hardly very wired, more weird...

UK Government amends justice bill to make concession on secret courts - not enough: still illiberal & shameful

Recording Industry Rep Suggests Parents Should Slap Their Children To Stop Piracy - huh?

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