Friday, 2 November 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121031 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Kim Dotcom announces, the new domain for the upcoming #Megauploadreboot - you have to admire his pluck

#Udacity Launches Student-Powered Effort to Subtitle 5,000+ Educational Videos - people helping for the greater good

IE9 passes 20% market share, Firefox falls below 20%, Chrome loses users second month in a row - dynamic sector

Big #Sugar's Sweet Little Lies - another industry that puts profits before people - or the truth

How #Crowdsourcing Can Solve Otherwise Intractable Real-World Problems - nice non-trivial application #ashdisease

Netzneutralität: Neelie Kroes verspricht mehr Champagner - the champagne, just defend real #netneutrality

The Scary Spectre Of Perpetual IPR - this is where copyright maximalism leads

The power of #journalism as an anti-#corruption tool - & important stuff

De Gucht Says "No Illusions" About Difficult #CETA Issues - I suspect he has quite a few, actually #ACTA

Google Play, Android becoming entertainment powerhouses - how things change

My IP Journey - admirably brave and refreshingly honest (v @NSKinsella)#intellectualmonopolies

How To Use One Superfan To Spread The Word To Millions - getting the word out

Towards a public digital infrastructure: why do governments have a responsibility to go open? - interesting #opendata

#CETA: EU ditches criminal sanctions.... almost - are they finally getting the message? still need #transparency #ACTA

GCHQ to trawl Facebook & Twitter for intelligence -; reminder that everything you write publicly is forever

"As a default [UK] Government preference is that rights related to implementation of a standard should be licensed on a royalty free basis"

last tweet taken from new UK #OpenStandards - big win for openness and level playing field; kudos to those involved

re UK #OpenStandards: good to see both Canonical's MPEG-LA licensing and the "Fairy Godmother" approach rightly dismissed as not relevant

Bond villain Javier Bardem riles Spanish government - wins even more brownie points, then...

#Japan: Election Tweeting Forbidden - good luck with that...

Pharma Outlook: Don’t Yield On IP, Work On Trust-Building, Call For Global Cooperation - stuck in the 20th century

Mexican Cartels Enslave Engineers to Build Radio Network - disturbing; how long before the kidnap coders too?

Could Pirate Romney Win/Have Won the Election? - analysis of demographics

How GMO-free labelling of food products can contribute to increase GMO-free supplies for animal feed - conference info

#Opensource misconceptions fading in South Africa - up fast

Germany's Pirate Party: Technocrats With A New Purpose #refugeecamp - interesting outsider's view

Internet-Zensur in Russland: Es ist alles eingetreten, wovor wir immer gewarnt haben, sogar noch schlimmer - awful news

The Proof That Movies Won't Get Made Any More Is That... More Movies Are Being Made Today - hollywood logic...

MT @jasonwryan Have you seen the finalists for the NZ Open Source Awards?  Some great projects… >>indeed

John Mellencamp: Thou Shalt Not Permit The Internet To Derail Our Gravy Train - great takedown: funny & serious...

Michael Bloomberg Endorses Barack Obama Because Of Climate Change - wow, impressive in lots of ways

Presidential Decree in Costa Rica Protects Photocopying of Textbooks - "exception does apply to for-profit copy shops"

#Android grabs 75.0% market share in Q3, followed by 14.9% for iOS and 4.3% for BlackBerry - worldwide dominance

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