Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121112 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Citizens offer damning assessment of EC - top of the class; the others must listen to public more #eu

EU-Überwachungsprojekt Indect: Die volle Kontrolle - discovers #INDECT

UK Looking To Cement Its New Anti-Free Speech Reputation By Arresting Man For Posting Photo Of A Burning Poppy -

DIYbio at Manchester Science Festival 2012 - "applying the hacker ethic to the field of biology" 

Petraeus Case Shows FBI's Authority To Read Gmail, Other Email Services - what's really important here (v @trevortimm)

L'industrie du #copyright a tout compris à Internet (et des veaux qui le peuplent) - sounds even better in french

#Spain Too Requires #RF for #OpenStandards - I missed this when it first came out; bad me 

FFII letter to European Court of Justice on #ACTA - "not compatible with human rights treaties or European Treaties"

The Brain of Charles Babbage (1909) - warning: not a metaphor (v @gnat)

Erdogan Urges Restoring Death Penalty - would be hugely retrogressive (v @MarietjeD66 @Marcvanderham)#tr

University Imposes 20-Tweet Limit On Live Events -"threatens to revoke the credentials of journalists who dare exceed"

Police accused of over-zealous reaction to poppy burning - shame on them: utterly absurd (v @raycorrigan)

European Multilingual Blogging Day 2012 - nice idea (v @NeelieKroesEU @euonymblog)

There's no way to stop children viewing porn in Starbucks - debunking of stupid idea #censorship

RT @DaHammerstein EU Clinical Trial Regulation: we need full data not just summaries as EC proposes. #PharmaData >>#opendata now

Open-Source-Projekt Scotty gegen Netzzensur - sounds interesting #censorship

Affen-Patent: Tierschützer legen Einspruch ein - shameful stuff #eu

Will The Next Secretary Of State Support Internet Freedom Or #SOPA? - good question

Five demands for change at #EFSA - the pressure grows#transparency

Light by MooresCloud: Kickstarter for open, net-controllable lightshow and mood lighting - lamp with a LAMP stack – ha!

#Spain is a world leader in #OpenData. Says who? - whoops - the #WebFoundation just blew its credibility here...sad

Michael Dell’s Grand Plan (Partners Included) - who? does anyone take #dell seriously these days?

Newcomer experience survey for #opensource communities - your input is requested

Interview: +Linus Torvalds  – I don't read code any more - he no longer needs to #linux #diving

#google Transparency Report: Government requests on the rise - no surprise, but not good

From Open Government to Open Contracting - trying to use open data to make a difference #transparency #ogov

Microsoft Loses Billions on Sinofsky’s Departure - to see what "the markets" think...

Titan Claims #Supercomputing Crown - runs on something written on a DX33 MHz 386 PC in a bedroom... #linux

Google's Android finally earns respect with developers - shift (v @tim)

Italy floods prompt fears for future of farming - "a clear pattern of #climatechange is emerging"

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