Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Nonfree DRM'd Games on GNU/Linux: Good or Bad? - http://bit.ly/MVWtvrguess what #RMS thinks....

Gifting - & the gift economy - http://bit.ly/QI3jUU "one of the most immediate blossomings of #abundance is available right here, right now"

#OLPC confirms tablet on the way - http://bit.ly/QI3S11 that's good, but is it all too late?

Tell Lottemart and Teh Botol Sosro to STOP supporting travelling #dolphincircuses! - http://chn.ge/Oe31VM awful: let's stop it #epetition

"Fair Dealing" or “Fear Dealing" in Canada? - "The Only Thing We have to Fear is Fear Itself" - http://bit.ly/Q3yHjP Access Copyright's fail

Trust buys extras-laden system for 20% of BT’s price - http://bit.ly/PafGYChow we have been ripped off.... #uk

Chinese enterprises move abroad to cut costs - http://bit.ly/N6qyHl here's a pretty important straw in the wind #china

FSFE wants to better protect Free Software licenses from bankruptcy -http://bit.ly/QYmQoO another issue to think about

Ebb and flood - http://bit.ly/Pf0h97 clever use of photos at low & high tide to show contrasts of British coasts

Oddbins website sees 22% increase following its anti-Olympics campaign -http://bit.ly/MW6JUy wouldn't it be great if everyone did this?

NSA asks hackers to help secure the internet - http://bit.ly/N6v4p8 maybe it should first tell US gov to stop breaking it with #sopa et al.

Proud - http://bit.ly/OsC0BA wonderful piece about what it was like to prepare & be part of #london2012 opening ceremony (v @RobertAndrews)

Hatwalk - http://bit.ly/T0D4fw "custom-made hats for 20 statues"; brilliant idea - more, please (v @londonist)#london

Wi-Fi don’t you try again? - http://bit.ly/MVsdTh nice submission from @Coadec to #ofcom consultation

Britain: this is for everyone - http://bit.ly/NDjmHF fine analysis of #london2012opening, which is growing in significance (v @Glinner)

US & EU blocking treaty to give blind people access to books -http://bit.ly/N6yDLX "rights of copyright owners" come 1st (v @ThiruGeneva)

Natural Gas #Fracking Industry May Be Paying Off Scientists -http://bit.ly/MO9Xgl not influenced by that, surely...?

Ubisoft ‘Uplay’ DRM Exposed as Rootkit, Poses Security Risk -http://bit.ly/N6z35c if confirmed, outrageous - & why should never trust #DRM

witty tweet about Indian blackout - http://bit.ly/OeAuzi (v @guardian)#energy#spiderman

#Microsoft's radical new business plan is hidden in plain sight -http://zd.net/Mfkb9K MS copying #opensource cos. for its business plan...

Coe dismissed pictures of the #emptyseats as ‘holiday snaps’ -http://bit.ly/Qr9YbR adds insult to injury #london2012

gallery of pix of Olympic #emptyseats - http://bit.ly/QraNRG more "holiday snaps" for lord coe... (v @jane__bradley @asteris)

Most Important Trade Agreement We Know Nothing About -http://slate.me/Q4we8e "lawmakers should embrace the informed question & the nerd" #TPP

MT @Asher_Wolf This French company is trying to trademark Anonymous' image and logo. Grabs popcorn - http://t.co/itVUwJqF wow, how foolish

#PornTrial: This Time it's Extreme - http://bit.ly/Q52J68 what would Robert Mapplethorpe say...? (v @bengoldacre)

Consumer Focus and the Digital Economy Act - http://bit.ly/MfxB5z great report on online traceability, and why #DEAct will be a disaster

UK Open Source Hardware Camp 2012 - http://bit.ly/T0RvAq 15th September 2012, West Yorkshire

#Opensource won - http://oreil.ly/MVGVtx well, course: what did you expect?

David #Maslanka: Reverse Chronological Collection - http://bit.ly/N6W7AMintriguing stuff #spotify

From IPA 2012 Congress to Finch Report – publishers and #openaccess -http://bit.ly/NDSE1i lots of interesting thoughts (v @CameronNeylon)

An appeal for fairness in society - http://bit.ly/Q5F3yP it's only fair, after all#sharing

Kansas' evolution debate just keeps evolving - http://lat.ms/Q5uyMr my, these creationists do love looking like buffoons (v @phylogenomics)

Archeologists unearth colossal human sculpture - http://bit.ly/QM8jb7 those wacky Hittites at it again... #archaeology #tr

It’s High Time There Was A Tech IPO Market In #London – Let’s Do This -http://tcrn.ch/MWRbzN the logical next step

Mozilla looks for startup ‘cross-pollination’ with new Berlin office -http://bit.ly/MVLyUg confirms berlin's ascent #eu

Berkeley Earth project is back to re-re-confirm Earth is warming -http://bit.ly/MulqgD nice graph - oh, wait... #climatechange

Dear Permission Culture: This Is Why No One Wants To Ask For Your OK -http://bit.ly/Q6Irtb read & weep

UK Politicians Don't Seem To Mind That Every Web Page You Load Is#Copyright Infringement Under Current Law - http://bit.ly/R062Od oh, OK

#India’s Fourth Largest State Gives #Transparency Priority with New Website Launch - http://bit.ly/Og3Kpq impressive (v @Mlsif)

WIPO Concludes the 24th Meeting of the Standing Committee on #Copyrightand Related Rights - http://bit.ly/MXgnX3 disgraceful footdragging

Journalist Twitter account suspended after complaining about #NBCFail -http://ind.pn/OxQQ6C (v @jamesrbuk @jeffjarvis)

Electromagnetic Field - 3-day camping festival - http://bit.ly/MVXe9I "hackers, geeks, scientists, engineers, artists, & craftspeople" #uk

Filmmaker shoots kung-fu vid on Samsung Galaxy S3 - http://cnet.co/N7lz9eso, about that $100 million budget you were talking about...

Modern culture began in South Africa 44,000 years ago - http://bit.ly/R0uFKCseems like only yesterday...

Nuevo paso en la tramitación opaca de la Ley de Transparencia -http://bit.ly/R0uYFf emergency: irony fail.... #es

Netflix experiments with crowd-sourced captioning - http://bit.ly/OuXrCa great, but don't people usually get sued for doing this?

Rumsfeld’s Intel Chief: Iraq War ‘Greatest Decision of Century’ -http://bit.ly/NEDMjf 'cos things have worked out so well as chaos spreads

The Genie Has Escaped the #Drug Prohibition Bottle - http://huff.to/Oyc6ZU a few wishes: decriminalisation & regulation ( v @TransformDrugs)

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