Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Consumer organisation pushes for EU #netneutrality rules -http://bit.ly/NemOrM definitely needed immediately

Lord Finesse Learning How The Streisand Effect Works: Tons Of People Re-Upload Dan Bull's Video - http://bit.ly/NuAV8d quite right too

Move Over, PayPal Mafia. Meet The Google Mafia - http://onforb.es/MrvQ1kbound to happen

Naxos #Liszt Complete Piano Music - http://bit.ly/M5eFSc pianists of the world, rejoice #spotify

Italian Local Government Warms to #OpenSource - http://bit.ly/O6o5NZ must be the weather

#london2012 Can't Hire Enough Actual Security, But Fully Staffed With 'Brand Police' - http://bit.ly/NsSzMi twisted sense of priorities 

This is why we didn't have DIY #Drones in the 1970s. (Mechanical gyro teardown) - http://bit.ly/NuCToZ #mooreslaw important here too

“Ignorance is Freedom” - http://bit.ly/NQMzg7 america's astonishing self-destruction

Memo to Microsoft: It’s Not 1995 Again - http://bit.ly/PbNoRy #ballmer not just a bad CEO, he's delusional

#OpenAccess: Not All That is Gold Glisters - http://bit.ly/LuIBuk uk's plans not as good as they seem

EU draft communcation on #openaccess & #opendata - a little vague, but mostly good news; advance of #oa continues

Bouncy Stonehenge Coming To London - http://bit.ly/O7jWeq ha! fab idea...

SPARC Europe response to EC Communication and Recommendation -http://bit.ly/MuJvbI generally positive (v +Richard Poynder ) #openaccess

The Fifth Elephant, 27-28 July 2012, Bangalore - http://bit.ly/MDFNHj what a great title for a conference about big data

#DEAct risks limiting internet access in #libraries#schools and #universities -http://bit.ly/NFF4EJ madness (v @eikoku)

#Openaccess means a bright future for scientific research - http://bit.ly/NthDmsupbeat analysis of the real costs of UK's new policy (v +Graham Steel)

Rights Group Fined For Not Paying Artist For Anti-Piracy Ad -http://bit.ly/O7IoMI why are we unsurprised by this? #hypocrisy

Microsoft Faces Fresh EU Probe Over Web-Browser Choice -http://bloom.bg/Q1Ms3z ho hum

Microsoft 'didn't notice' it had removed Browser Choice for 17 months -http://bit.ly/NRAhnE yeah, that's plausible...

UNODC "Circulation" - http://bit.ly/Q1YUQT opening sequence is flat-out wrong: they should read this - http://bit.ly/Nvb4Np (v @sinkdeep)

#Facebook Stock Drops as Investors Fear Slowing Sales -http://on.mash.to/O8rBsO oh, do people still use this?

Xoom-Tablet: Apple verliert Klage gegen Motorola - http://bit.ly/LW9Z5R what a waste of time & money (v @jwildeboer)

Why the Supreme Court's Copyright Decisions Eviscerate Access Copyright's Business Model - http://bit.ly/MrxY96 big stuff for #canada

French anti-piracy chief: ‘punishment is not enough’ - http://bit.ly/MEKCAi not really clear what that means in practice #hadopi

Stop Balkanizing the Internet - http://huff.to/MryBQ1 crucial stuff

Nach #ACTA kommt #CETA? - http://bit.ly/MhazZX @digiges is on the case

remember the little girl Maya? - http://bit.ly/MhxdRK some news: her exome now sequenced, paid for by crowdsourcing - http://bit.ly/NyA7Rn

Is This Chemical Why File Sharers Buy More Music? - http://bit.ly/LwwDAj the wonders of science

One Molecule for Love, Morality, and Prosperity? - http://slate.me/NurSH2somewhat more nuanced piece about #oxytocin than #guardian's

$100 #smartphone controlled #drone coming? - http://bit.ly/NH3dLo bound to happen soon

RedPhone is now Open Source! - http://bit.ly/Pe6c2A "Android application for making secure voice calls"; cool (v @jwildeboer)

Naxos Japanese Classics Series on Spotify - http://bit.ly/NCzOHj intriguing

More or less all the music at this year's Proms as ‪#spotify‬ playlist -http://bit.ly/Lx2r87  amazing what you can do with ‪#spotify

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