Monday, 18 June 2012


A mercurial treaty: #TPP and the United States - more people waking up to this (v @klang67 @DrRimmer)

Frédéric #Chopin: Complete Works, 100 Pianists - for your Sunday delectation #spotify

School Dinners and Spygate - incredible backstory to#NeverSeconds fiasco; pathetic stuff (v @webmink)

How to protect free speech online - some sensible suggestions

Merger Zoo - facinating use of crowdsourcing to evaluate cosmological simulations #galaxyzoo

#Monsanto may lose #GM soya royalties throughout #Brazil - could cost billions; huge implications

30 minutes or more: Why web content keeps getting longer - so much for attention spans getting shorter

WWF tries to silence criticism - sad how #WWF has come down in the world...

Google Gives $300,000 To Osu Open Source Lab - only sensible, but welcome nonetheless #opensource

[correct link] Wikimedia warnt: Wikipedia demnächst ohne Weblinks? - worrying; what on earth are you doing, #germany?

Theresa May's Internet History - let's request 1 day's Net records for every politician in government #1daysnoop

DJU/ver.di: Leistungsschutzrecht irgendwie in Ordnung -, what a greedy & selfish bunch of journalistic dinosaurs

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