Wednesday, 6 June 2012


problems with your election? - #pirateparty poster: this is v clever - bravo (v @gchampeau)

Shedding light on #TPP questions at budget estimates - to see more questions being asked (v @MsLods)

EU Workshop on FIRE and the "No Disconnect Strategy" - et al. (v @bendrath @rigow)

Beyond Open Access: Open Source Scientific Software -'re winning on #openaccess, time to move on to next battle

FarmHack: Collaboratively Retooling Agriculture - I fear this will be important one day...

Richard-Wagner-Konzert in Israel abgesagt - just makes them look ridiculous

#AU #Piracy talks set for Thursday - this, with some public interest groups at last #transparency

Going Open Source – Almost There! - I don't play games, but I've given dosh to this effort to GPL code; more needed

Springergate: Systematic “copyglitch” appropriation of Wikimedia content - publisher being evil?

RT @binaryape Look at this one, and "their" license. Beyond satire. >>#springer utterly clueless

This Is Reporting? Fox News Ties #Flame Malware To Angry Birds Because Both Use #LUA - doh

South Korea surrenders to creationist demands - bonkers; time for scientists to become more militant, I fear...

Added Value: I do not think those words mean what you think they mean - good analysis #openaccess #publishing

Online-Konsultation zu Open Government - important stuff#ogov

#Springer Statement on Springer Images - "incorrect copyright attribution displays on Springer Images" #openaccess

European Health Insurance Card app - "how to use the European Health Insurance Card" (v @NeelieKroesEU)

#Firefox Has a Redesigned Home Page and New Tab Experience That Make Browsing the Web Faster and Easier - #mozilla

Shouldn't We See It As A Problem When Patents Are The Product Itself? - indeedy-doody

London teen pregnancies hit record low - gosh, what a surprise: handing out condoms reduces unwanted pregnancies hugely

Catholic Cardinal authorized $20K to pay priests who raped children, then railed against ‘immorality’ of gay marriage -

Reply from and to #Springer - @petermurrayrust continues the discussion #openaccess

Villages Furious about #Copyright Fees for Folk Songs - cinemas paying twice (v @mikegogulski @Falkvinge)#sk

Credit Where Credit Is Due: USTR Accommodates Stakeholder Presentations - from a low base #TPP -  new site on #opendata #ogov; feedback welcomed

We did it. Linux Tycoon, Illumination [and more] are going GPL. - well done all who helped make this happen (v @popey)

Vibram Boss: IP Enforcement Is A Waste Of Time; You're Better Off Building A Relationship With Customers - fascinating

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