Wednesday, 13 June 2012


After India And Brazil, Now China Takes Steps To Allow Cheap Versions Of Patented Drugs - big changes coming

Sober Britons risk dangerous levels of clarity - ha! nicely done (v @billbennettnz)

CDU/CSU für Recht auf Remix und mehr #OpenAccess - steps on #copyright thinking #de

Belgian EU Commissioner and former Minister De Gucht suspected of fraud - how interesting... (v @kaatje36)#acta

EU Written Declaration on Open and Collaborative Government - cool; get your MEPs to sign... #transparency

ACTA Update XVII - debunking last-ditch attempt to make up numbers in support of #ACTA

Statement from #Springer concerning Springer Images - I wonder what @petermurrayrust thinks of this one? #openaccess

passing of Distinguished Professor and Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom - (v @michael_nielsen)#commons

Variations II Of Variations II - novel use of #arduino#johncage

When The Entertainment Industry Can't Legally Shut Down A Site It Doesn't Like, Bogus Charges Can Do The Trick -

Francis Maude talks open govt – and Whitehall does the opposite - let's hope not #ogov

Pay (less) to publish: ambitious journal aims to disrupt scholarly publishing - could this work? let's hope #openaccess

Participate Tomorrow in US Online Public-Sector Prizes Event - prizes are the future (v @jamie_love)

Penn State’s President Chose Not to Act on molestation allegations because it was "humane" not to... - (v @petersuber)

[RT correct date] Participate today in US Online Public-Sector Prizes Event - prizes are the future (v @jamie_love)

The Silencing of Maya - #apple decides it just can't be bothered to be compassionate to a 4 year-old girl

Why The Supreme Court Needs To Make Sure That Selling A Used iPad Isn't A Copyright Violation - bad stuff #firstsale

EU and U.S. Consumer Groups Face State Agencies Over #ACTA and Other International IP Policies - fascinating glimpses

The #Oatmeal v. #Funnyjunk: How The Court Of Public Opinion Beats The Court Of Baseless Legal Threats - good analysis

Erdogan kündigt Kurdischunterricht an Schulen an - bravo, a sensible move here at last #turkey

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