Saturday, 24 March 2012


#ACTA On Hold, But The Protests Continue In Serbia - go, plucky #serbia

We need to redefine what 'copy' means - wonderfully lucid exposition of #copyright's central problem by #patry

ICANN Ethical Conflicts Are Worse Than They Seem - #icann rotten to the core; throw it away and start again (v +Internet Freedom Movement)

Document Freedom Day March 28 - "You change telephone companies, and can’t access your address book any more."

Corporate perk or monopolist bribery? - European Parliament behaving badly; #microsoft up to its old tricks #eu

nice interview with Sir Colin Davis - still wonderfully pugnacious at 85

Chinese Theatrical Market Booms, But Real Action May Be In Video On Demand - seems piracy isn't a problem there either

Drug resistant #malaria takes new ground, raising fears of global spread - gack, not good

Programming the #RaspberryPi webinar with Eben, April 4 - hope they have plenty of bandwidth...Scope, not scale - thoughtful stuff from @mbauwens

Another Boost For #Generics: Brazilian Judge Annuls Patent On Key AIDS Drug - #TPP wants to go in opposite direction

Releasing #Smithsonian collection metadata on GitHub - #cc0 too (v @edsu @candtalan)

Judge Orders FDA to Examine Safety of Agricultural Antibiotic Drugs - potentially big; about time

Building Ecology of Libraries – Interview with Brewster Kahle - "really valuable thing about libraries are librarians"

Francis Maude reforms by saying “no” – a “massive” number of times - kudos to him for doing so (v @ntouk)#uk

UK Planning Application Alerts: first fruits - another great #opendata project from @CountCulture

#ACTA treaty mauled in #au hearings - great work by @drrimmer&@kim_weatherall- kudos (v @technollama)

Why is #Firefox - and #OpenSource - a Disaster in #China? - what's the problem?

Should There Be A Right To #Copyright Exceptions? - lots of countries seem to think so

question: any UK people know whether a council tender for schools can specify brands like this? - thanks

PS avança com novo projecto da cópia privada para evitar chumbo - stupid levy averted in #pt - for the moment...

Artists Against #Copyright - they have existed, and still do (v @ninapaley)

Mercedes has gullwing replica crushed - all for the love of #copyright... (v @iknowjoseph)

Colombian government attempts to implement copyright reform in 3 weeks! - what could possibly go wrong? (v @xpectro)

Wanted: The Truck Driver Who Lost His Job Due To File Sharing - ha!

Kazakh gold medallist is played Borat anthem in Kuwait - you can't make this stuff up (v @The Mormegil)

#China's Twitter-Spam War Against Pro-#Tibet Activists - interesting analysis

Free-textbooks project helps South Africa - great development

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