Thursday, 22 March 2012


reading tea leaves on AMP v Myriad in the Mayo v. Prometheus decision by SCOTUS - upbeat assessment of implications

The time bomb called #H264 is set to explode in 2015. Are you watching? - that's when the bill becomes due #patents

Karimovs Cash In - how we've really screwed up in #uzbekistan

#FRPAA featured in Congressional Briefing, 24 Bipartisan Co-sponsors add their Support - good news for #openaccess

Consumers in the Information Society: Access, Fairness and Representation - interesting essays; free #ebook #a2k

re #h264,@Codepope points out that licence fees are being waived for free web streaming services –

UK internet economy to represent 12.4 percent of GDP by 2016 - good reason to repeal #DEAct before it does damage

De Gucht goes rogue again - democracy? who needs it? #ACTA

Why we should oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership - US farmer's perspective #tpp

Security versus freedom, open versus closed - key axes for the online world & beyond

Christian Carey's Sixty Postwar Pieces to Study on #Spotify - not as heavy as it sounds...

German Gov't Uses Anger Over Lack Of #ACTA #Transparency To Justify Further Lack Of Transparency - that'll work #de

#Vevo CEO: The war on #piracy is like the war on drugs…’unwinnable' - good to hear more admitting this

All of Iceland's public administrations moving towards #opensource - great move; who's next?

US Copyright Office wants you to answer 5 qs about #copyright - hmmm (v @copyrightgirl)

Home Office replies to ORG about RIchard #ODwyer extradition - summary: "we bent over" #uk

Sea-level rise will cost $2 trillion - not worst-case: so much for economic arguments against tackling #climatechange

Fear-Induced Foolishness: Entertainment Industry Thinks Controls On New TLDs Will Actually Impact Piracy - clueless

BVDW spricht sich für Nachbesserungen bei #ACTA aus - more voices of sanity

In Grand DeceiveFest, Swedish Parliament Just voted for Data Retention - rightly angry piece about #sweden's betrayal

Don't let Mitt Romney's anti-gay billionaire backer whitewash his intimidation of critics - no, don't

MPs will push Google on bad links - aka #censorship

Justice for Forests - depressing tales of corruption and deforestation

#China Now Leading Source Of iOS, Android Activations - no surprise there #smartphones

MPAA Wants Megaupload User Data Retained for Lawsuits - would be a very stupid move

#Bach Works Catalogue (Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis) on #Spotify - 170 hours of pure genius

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