Thursday, 1 March 2012


A Vibrant Political Debate on #ACTA Sparks at the EU Parliament - upbeat assessment of yesterday's session #itre

#EU #Censorship Plan With A Cheesy Name: The Clean IT Project - not very clever

The #RaspberryPi computer goes on general sale - another #bbc fail: no mention of #linux - as usual

Dutch Research Reveals Wide Scope For #Copyright Flexibilities In EU Laws - potentially quite important #nl

#Megaupload Founder Defeats US Govt Attempts To Put Him Back In Prison - so the US is running New Zealand now....

25 alleged Anonymous members arrested internationally; hacker group retaliates - really the best use of police time?

#TPPA -”Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement” or “Toxic Profiteers Plunder Aotearoa”? - useful timeline

Why the Global Warming Skeptics Are Wrong - excellent, calm debunking of high-profile lies (v @jjn1)

#Mozilla Says Boot to Gecko Won't Face Big Patent/Licensing Roadblocks - a crucial issue: let's hope not

Gioachino Rossini: Complete Operas & Other Works - not the world's greatest composer, but it is his birthday today

EU #OpenSource Software Survey - Adoption & Usage in Organisations - today's the last chance to participate

The $100bn Facebook question: Will capitalism survive 'value #abundance'? - thought-provoking stuff #economics

Inside Government - interesting moves by new UK government site

Trans Pacific Partnership Agreements and Big #Pharma power over patents - good analysis of the harm here #tpp

Springer gets suckered by creationist pseudoscience - there goes #springer's credibility (v

MT @ThiruGeneva#WTO: India, Brazil, China and others raised concerns w/ #ACTA on 28.2.2012>>doesn't seem likely they'll rush to join it

the video Olympics Authorities want banned - catch it before it's #censored (v @OpenRightsGroup)#london2012 #parody

MT @jamie_love At WTO meeting, the EU negotiators were informally trashing the EU Parliament's "theoretical" role in the #ACTA approval>>NB

RT @jamie_love @glynmoody EU #ACTA negotiators were out of touch, arrogant, and contemptuous of democratic processes>>hear that, MEPs?

Intervention by #Ecuador @ WTO raising concerns with #ACTA - v critical of level of damages, weakened user rights

Stop the #NDAA - important move in US

How The US Trade Rep Is Trying To Wipe Out Used Goods Sales With Secretive TPP Agreement - 1 reason #TPP is evil

Hypocrisy in Hollywood - now a glorious infographic for your delectation #piracy

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