Wednesday, 24 October 2018


European parties urged to agree Israel boycott tactics are antisemitic - absurd abuse of term to stifle legitimate peaceful protests: MEPs should reject the idea #BDS

Why joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership would be bad for people and planet – and the UK - “allow chlorine chicken and steroid-fed beef into the UK, lowering the quality of food and jeopardising farmers’ livelihoods” #TPP #brexitshambles

Italy may kill the EU’s copyright filter plans - crucially important development #article13 #article11

Much Ado About #FRAND: What you need to know about today’s Court of Appeal Unwired Planet decision - deeply misguided: SEP must be RF, otherwise they are unusable for #opensource, which is ridiculous

Every minute for three months, GM secretly gathered data on 90,000 drivers’ radio-listening habits and locations - well, of course it did - if they can, they always do #privacy

Man’s excuse for groping woman on plane flight: Trump “says it’s OK” - inevitable and wrong

Patagonia wants the outdoor industry to start a pro-public lands movement as powerful as the NRA - if you can’t join them, beat them…

UK police recruited teenager to spy on her pimp - utterly contemptible; the police who authorised should be fired

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