Thursday, 11 October 2018


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest yesterday’s tweets as a single page

“president opened with a warning to senior citizens and all Americans of the dangers of a so-called universal healthcare system with guaranteed government health insurance for all.” - you have to be pretty damn stupid to regard healthcare for all as evil

“Anything that effects partisan politics is now tainted – as is most apparent with voting rights issues such as redistricting and cases on gerrymandering.” - this is an important point for the future #Kavanaugh

We need to talk about Melania Trump’s Out of Africa wardrobe - “I cannot wait for her SS-inspired wardrobe for her trip to Germany. Start polishing those black boots, Melania!”

Facebook, Whose Support Made #FOSTA Law, Now Sued For Facilitating Sex Trafficking Under FOSTA - justice, of a kind…

EU hijacking: self-driving car data will be copyrighted…by the manufacturer - of course #copyrightratchet

As Everyone Knows, In The Age Of The Internet, #Privacy Is Dead – Which Is Awkward If You Are A Russian Spy - #GRU

Pro-remain Tory MPs will form group to vote down May’s #Brexit deal - never a dull moment…

Третий русский. В деле Скрипаля могут появиться новые фамилии - well…

Thoughts on Microsoft Joining OIN’s Patent Non-Aggression Pact - “we call on Microsoft to make this just the beginning of their efforts to stop their patent aggression efforts against the software freedom community.”

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