Monday, 18 June 2018


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Jetzt Uploadfilter in der EU-Urheberrechtsreform verhindern: Sag dem EU-Parlament Deine Meinung! - bitte…

Top German Publisher Says: ‘You Wouldn’t Steal A Pound Of Butter… So We Need A Snippet Tax’ - huh? #article11 #copyright

#censorship by abuse of #copyright, as here - - will become much easier and more common if #article13 is included in EU #copyright directive. everyone who believes in freedom of speech should be against it. /cc @MCBoutonnetFN @Gilles_Lebreton

Article de Glyn Moody dans « » : Du foutoir, de l’Article 13, et de la déconstruction de mythes - #EU #copyrightdirective #Article13

#Humansofcopyright: Interview With Éva Simon - “if you think about #Article13, the solution is not to carve out certain services, but it’s just to delete [it].”

Illegal memes? Weak Safe Harbor? Unpacking the proposed EU copyright overhaul - quick summary of main problems with #EU #copyrightdirective #article13 #article11

In two days, an EU committee will vote to crown Google and Facebook permanent lords of internet #censorship - how does that help EU companies and startups? hint: it doesn’t…

#Humansofcopyright: Interview With David Lopez, Lifelong Learning Platform - “Article 4 needs to be re-thought from the perspective of how it can serve as an enabler, not a barrier to high quality education.” #EU #copyrightdirective

Constellation Update – Tech, Telegram and Proof of Meme - “proof of meme” is just the software development methodology that Linux invented over 25 years ago…

Jeremy Corbyn, take note: leftwing remainers won’t stay silent on #Brexit - “Awkwardly for its fixed manifesto position of “respect the referendum”, its membership is 87% remain. “Bollocks to Brexit” stickers were everywhere.”

Lessons From Making Internet Companies Liable For User’s Speech: You Get Less Speech, Less Security And Less Innovation - #article13 #EU

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