Thursday, 14 June 2018


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest yesterday’s tweets as a single page

Putin fires Klimenko as his internet adviser - whoa: what’s going on here? #russia

For Survivors of a 9-Hour Chinese Exam, a Door Opens to America - gaokao result now being accepted in US; I predict this will become widespread…

it’s windy in the UK now: wind is generating 9.67GW - 30.70% of UK’s current energy needs -

How @RedHat helped to build Summit, America’s top science supercomputer - good to have some details #linux

just had an impressively fast personal response from one of my MEPs, @SebDance, after I sent him this email: this is why it is worth contacting them - the best ones always reply. pl. try… #copyrightdirective

Mike Pompeo loses temper when asked about North Korean disarmament - so, definitely an absolutely cast-iron agreement there, eh Mike…?

“Das Leistungsschutzrecht im Verbund mit den Zensurmaschinen der Uploadfilter soll via Axel Springer in der EU eingeführt werden - ein schöneres Geschenk der Regierung Merkel könnten sich Populisten und Extremisten kaum wünschen.” - #copyright

Tory peers poised to back Brexit rebels if talks with May fail - it ain’t over yet… #brexitshambles

Canadian Music Industry Pitches ‘You Must Be A Pirate’ Tax On Smartphones - <sigh/>

Tory rebellion back on after MPs reject May’s #Brexit amendment - “At the end of the process something was inexplicably changed, which had not been agreed.” foolish game-playing by UK gov

“Soon the headlines will be not just about a few hundred jobs moving out of the City – but of firms scrapping their expansion plans, or factories shifting to Poland, or thousands of jobs going at a stroke of a pen.” - #brexitshambles

The EU is about to impose Google’s worst idea on all European internet users - but it can still be stopped - write to your MEPs now, pl. like this - #copyrightdirective #article13

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