Thursday, 24 May 2018


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest yesterday’s tweets as a single page

Illegal online sales of endangered wildlife rife in Europe - crowdsourcing investigations seems like the perfect way to track down and report these crimes

‘I’ll never trust the English again’: Jamaica’s Windrush backlash - more trade deals that fox will never obtain… #BrexitReality

UK might have to pay £39bn Brexit bill before trade deal agreed - they should be grateful it’s not £100bn…

UK calls for special EU deal on data-sharing laws after Brexit - great strategy, UK gov: insult the EU at every turn - then ask for special treatment. how about “no”…?

’ “max fac” customs system would involve firms having to pay £32.50 per customs declaration. This would cost them up between £17bn and £20bn a year’ - it won’t, because the “max fac” system will never work - just look at UK gov’s endless IT failures

Hitting toughest climate target will save world $30tn in damages, analysis shows - well, this is obvious to anyone with a brain… #globalwarming

‘It’s like a death sentence’: ex-NHS worker billed £4,388 for treatment - " worked in UK for 30 years"

Save Free Flow of News in the EU: A Letter to the Council - excellent, logical analysis of a really bad idea… #article11 #copyright

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