Thursday, 17 May 2018


EU, Cuba build ties in face of US pressure - EU needs to do more, deeper deals like this… #dumptrump

Trump threatens to use US trade talks to force #NHS to pay more for drugs - well done, #brexiters, because of this, people will die from being unable to afford drugs after #brexit

Scientists declare octopi life from another world - “possibility that cryopreserved Squid and/or Octopus eggs, arrived in icy bolides several hundred million years ago should not be discounted” er, wut?

“A Chinese-backed plan to build #Cambodia’s biggest dam could “literally kill” the Mekong river” - #china destroying other people’s environment again…

“US ‘asks’ are likely to include relaxation of regulations on labelling, food safety, use of genetically-modified organisms (“#GMO”) and #privacy protection in the digital arena, plus greater access for US healthcare providers to the UK market.” - FTA 516 FINAL.pdf

"By definition, a deep trade deal means giving up certain amounts of control. " - FTA 516 FINAL.pdf #brexiters simply do not understand this: you can’t “take back control” and also have meaningful trade deals…

Professor Larry Summers, former US Treasury Secretary: “It is delusional to think that a US-UK trade deal will happen anytime soon. It is simply not possible.” - FTA 516 FINAL.pdf

Footage emerges of ‘distressing’ home visit by immigration officers - UK home office staffed by sadistic morons…

Less Than One Week To Back Our Kickstarter For The CIA’s Card Game; Also Reddit AMA Today - from @techdirt

‘Capricious’: Donald Tusk condemns Trump administration - “European council president says US can no longer be relied upon after threat of trade war” #bravo

UN human rights body to hold special session on violence in Gaza - “Any new alleged crime committed in the context of the situation in Palestine may be subjected to the office’s legal scrutiny”

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